PAC Cendana Hikathon 2011

Another great event coming up this 15th May. Will be even more tough and challenging if it rains as slippery and muddy trails awaits. Be sure to mark your calendars.

Date: 15 May 2011 (Sun)
Time: 8.00 am
Start/Finish: Youth Park, Penang
Distance: 3km

For softcopy of forms, pls email me.

Penang Earth Day Run 2011

Happens on the same date with Bidor Half. So for those who don't plan to make the trip all the way to Bidor, you may opt for this. I think this is the first time it is being organized, thanks to Jin Ji for the form.

Date: 24th Apr 2011 (Sunday)
Time: 6.30am - 10.30am
Start/Finish: Mengkuang Dam, BM
Distance: 13km

If you need the original copy of the form, pls drop me an email.

Round The houses Relay Rescheduled to 10th Apr 2011

Dear Runners,

Pls be informed that Round the House Relay 2011 has been rescheduled to 10th Apr 2011 due to the "chitraparunamai" (mini Thaipusam) festival at waterfall on 17th Apr 2011. It is foreseen that during this time, the roads around the circuit will be congested with heavy traffic.

Those who want the new forms, pls drop me an email.

Thank you and good luck for the race.

Larian Perpaduan 2011 Postponed to 8th May

Dear Runners,

The organizers of Larian Perpaduan has announced via email that the event scheduled on 20th Mar 2011 will be postponed to 8th May 2011.


KE 8 MEI 2011.



PAC Cendana Hikathon 2011

This is the event that I've been waiting for. 3km of tough trail run, lots of fun and energy. Carefully planned and perfectly executed by the PAC group every year, this event is not to be missed in the running calendar. See u there!

Date: 15th May 2011 (Sun)
Time: 8.00am
Venue: Youth Park, Penang
Download entry form here

Round the Houses Relay 2011

It is back! The much awaited Round the Houses Relay is confirmed on 17th Apr 2011. No change in the date even though it is just after Energizer night run the day before. So expect fewer participation but better chances of winning for participating teams. Details as below.

Date : 17th April 2011 (Sunday)
Time : 7.30 a.m.
Venue : Jalan Sepoy Lines, Penang.
Race: 8 runners, 2.4km and plenty of adrenaline
Closing Date : 2nd April 2011
Send me an email if you need the softcopy of the form.

Results: Merentas Desa Pulau Pinang 2011

The Merentas Desa results are out. You may download the official results from its website below. Wasn't able to make it this year as still nursing a hamstring injury. Next year maybe...


Overdose of Exercise May Be Fatal

Thanks to my cousin Jeremy Tan for sharing this. As the saying goes "Too much of a good thing can be bad".

The endurance athlete represents the pinnacle of elite fitness: extraordinary stamina, extreme willpower and a grim determination to push the body past its pain barrier. But disturbing new evidence suggests such extreme levels of exercise may be damaging to the heart, and in some cases, fatal.

Emma Carney
I was a bit of a notoriously hard trainer in a week I'd be swimming 30/35 km . . . biking 350/400 km and running around 100 km.

Two time world champion triathlete, Emma Carney, was virtually unbeatable until an unexplained drop in her performance.

Emma Carney
I dropped out of the top three, dropped out of the top five and then I started dropping out of races altogether.

But it was a brush with death which finally brought Emma's career to a standstill.

Emma Carney
It was a swim training session, I was finishing the session off and I suddenly felt really tired and fatigued. I felt my heart racing in my chest and I thought I was having a panic attack to cut a long story short I was actually going into cardiac arrest.

Emma was diagnosed with an exercise induced heart disorder.

Tanya Ha
Exercise has remodelled her heart to the point where it beats abnormally, putting her at risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

Prof Richard Harper
This was obviously a very unusual case, because here's a very fit, healthy young person who's been an elite athlete and she's got a very serious ventricular arrhythmia which usually occurs in much older people. We did an echocardiogram which showed that the right ventricle was enlarged and not contracting as well as it should that led us to do a cardiac biopsy.

Professor Harper was looking for signs of fatty infiltration, which occurs in the genetic version of Emma's condition but instead he found evidence of scar tissue, which indicated some kind of damage to the heart.

Prof Richard Harper
There was clearly something going on in the right ventricle, perhaps related to intense athletic activity.

At the same time Dr Andre La Gerche, a marathon runner himself, was starting to uncover evidence the heart could be damaged by endurance racing.

Dr Andre Le Gerche
We were able to take blood tests very soon after the athletes had crossed this finish line. We found that there were increases in troponin a marker of injury to the heart muscle. We also did a heart ultrasound. To our surprise we found that the left ventricle was minimally affected.

But the right ventricle showed big changes. Swollen and beating weakly, the longer the race, the more abnormal it became.

Dr Andre Le Gerche
Almost simultaneously a paper came out of Europe suggesting that athletes presenting with serious arrhythmias had serious right ventricular abnormalities.

The study looked at 46 athletes with abnormal heart rhythms in all but one athlete the arrhythmia arose from the right ventricle. Within five years, nine of the athletes had died suddenly.

Dr Andre Le Gerche
Up until that point we thought that these arrhythmias, even though they looked serious, could never be life threatening. We've also found a number of athletes that in the year prior to the onset of arrhythmia's have reported quite a decline in performance and we think the two are linked.

Andre's team is trying to work out why the right ventricle is affected by extreme exercise.

Dr Andre Le Gerche
Intriguingly what we've found is that the wall stress in the right ventricle increases dramatically during exercise.

It's most likely due to what's happening in the lungs. While large blood vessels can open up in the body to allow increased blood flow during exercise, vessels in the lungs are less able to adapt and pressures rise.

Dr Andre Le Gerche
That blood pressure has to be provided by the right ventricle the work increase in the right ventricle doubles, and so it works much harder.

For an elite athlete like Emma who pushed herself to the limit this could have been fatal. Emma now wears a defibrillator which can shock her heart back into normal rhythm.

Dr Andre Le Gerche
We believe very strongly that moderate exercise and normal exercise are of very established and proven benefit. So if we can establish what it is that can be a problem in a minority of athletes then we can make exercise truly safe for everyone.

So in case you are thinking this research is a good excuse to be lazy well The National Heart Foundation still recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day so exercise is still important for a healthy heart.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst

Larian Perpaduan 2011

Date: 20 Mar 2011 (Sun)
Time: 7.30am
Venue: Dewan Bandaraya (Padang Kota Lama), Penang
Distance: 6km

Say Bye to Cramps with Shotz Electrolyte Tablets

I've been trying out these tabs for 3 months now and the results are pretty satisfying. I'm into my 2nd tube now. Firstly I sweat a lot and I have bulky lower body muscles, these are not a good combination for LD running at all but it is the perfect combination for muscle cramps. My bulky lower body is a result of my huge appetite for sports especially football where I had develop many fast-twitch muscles since young. Switching to running in my late 20s, I'm still not very adapted to the requirements and vigors of this endurance sport. That is why I had been suffering with severe cramps on my thighs, calves and even toes on long distances. 

I've been trying to find a solution to this when I stumbled upon Shotz electrolyte tables. What I liked about these tabs are they are portable and contains merely electrolytes with practically no sugar. It is designed purely for hydration and comes in effervescent tablet form. You can carry them with you during your training or actual race, just drop into 500ml of water and away you go.

Many people have the false perception that we need to drink plenty of water to hydrate ourselves during LD running. But that is not true, as water is just going to deplete your electrolyte reserves even more and cause you to get cramps even earlier. In fact, drinking too much water may cause hyponatremia or water intoxication and in severe cases it may cause death. 

Electrolytes are minerals named because of their ability to conduct an electrical charge when in a solution. Referred to as salts within the body, electrolytes play a role in conducting nerve impulses, muscle contractions and are a part of many important physiological functions. Their primary role is maintaining the delicate fluid balance both inside and outside your body's cells. Of the four main electrolytes lost in sweat sodium loss is by far the greatest and therefore requires the most attention in any electrolyte replacement drink.

Sodium is an essential nutrient an element the body cannot manufacture itself. It plays a vital role in regulating many bodily functions and is contained in body fluids which transport oxygen, carbohydrate and nutrients. To survive, everyone needs to consume sodium regularly. It is a principal component of a person's internal environment, the extracellular fluid. Nutrients reach your body's cells through these fluids. Sodium facilitates many bodily functions including fluid volume and acid-base balance.

Sodium enables the transmission of nerve impulses around the body. It is an electrolyte, like potassium, calcium and magnesium; it regulates the electrical charges moving in and out of the cells in the body. It controls your taste, smell and tactile processes. The presence of sodium ions is essential for the contraction of muscles, including that largest and most important muscle, the heart. It is fundamental to the operation of signals to and from the brain. Without sufficient sodium, your senses would be dulled and your nerves would not function.

At RM59 for 20 tablets, I think it is really worth a try. To purchase, click here.

Flavours: Lemon, Orange Vanilla

Ingredients: Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Sulfate, Polyethylene Glycol, Ascorbic Acid, Acesulfame Potassium, Calcium Carbonate, Natural Flavour, Riboflavin-5, Simethicone 

Nutritional Info

Servings per tablet: 2
Serving Size 250ml 
Average Qty per serveper 500ml
Energy 12kJ (3cal)24kJ (6cal)
Protein 0.0g0.0g
Fat - total 0.0g0.0g
Saturated 0.0g0.0g
Carbohydrate <1g<1g
Sugars 0.0g0.0g
Sodium 215mg430mg
Potassium 21mg42mg
Vitamin C 18.75mg37.5mg
Magnesium 10mg20mg
Calcium 6.25mg12.5mg
Vitamin B2 250mcg500mcg

Trail Running at its Most Extreme, The 160km Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji

Extreme is the word to describe this. 48hrs is the time limit to complete the 160km course. Anyone up for it?

TOKYO, Feb 14 — Runners are being invited to take part in the first 100-mile (160-km) trail race around Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji in the first international sister race to Europe’s famous Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc.

Scheduled for the weekend of May 20 to 22, the Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji will start at 3pm on Friday, May 20 with a course stretching 160 km around the base of the tallest mountain in Japan. The cumulative gain in altitude along the route is around 8,000 meters, according to the organisers, and a time limit of 48 hours has been placed on the race.

A second “short course” will be run simultaneously, starting in Shizuoka City and ending in Yamanashi Prefecture. The 90km route includes an altitude gain of some 4,000 meters and the time limit has been set at 26 hours.

According to the organisers, both races are open to participants from anywhere in the world and there is a hope that the Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji will evolve into an annual event.

“Participants must run or walk a long-distance course around the base of Mount Fuji consisting of hiking trails, walking paths and fire breaks,” the organising committee said in a statement. “The objective of this race is to convey the importance of self-challenge and the excitement of trail running, as well as the beauty of the nature surrounding the Mount Fuji region.”

The goal of the race is not necessarily to be the fastest runner or to compete against other people, said the committee, but to take part in a journey that is both mentally and physically challenging, pushes those who take part to their limits and covers an extraordinary distance.

“These trails have been created over many years by the people who live, work and enjoy the mountains,” the organisers said. “It is important for those that use these trails for recreation to understand and respect the fact that these trails are still actively used by these people.

“This race aims to provide mutual understanding between these different users and help communicate and promote the sharing of these trails.”

Dates: May 20-22, 2011

Entry fee: Y24,000 (RM880) for the 160km Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji or Y18,000 for the 90km Shizuoka to Yamanashi race.
Further information: http://www.ultratrailmf.com

25th Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon

As part of the Sky Runner World Series, the Mt Kinabalu international climbathon is recognized as one of the world's toughest mountain race. Skyrunning is defined as running in the mountains above 2,000 metres altitude where the incline exceeds 30% and the climbing difficulty does not exceed II° grade.

Are you game enough to take on the challenge? Not only will you be faced with challenging slopes and terrain but you will have to handle the cold temperatures and low oxygen atmosphere at high altitudes. To me, this is the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance.

This event will be held over two days, with the Women and Men's Veteran category to kick off earlier on 22 Oct while the Men's open category will be a day later. Covering a distance of 21km, the race will start close to Timpohon gate and end somewhere in between Timpohon gate and Kinabalu park. There will be additional 4km distance on top of the 17.44km up and down the mountain.

Last year's event saw a new record with Marco De Gasperi from Italy finishing at an impossible time of 2:33:56. Really can't imagine how he manage to did it. The fastest Malaysia is GUIANUS SALAGAN from the men's veteran category at a time of 3:01:57.

More details and online registration are available from the official website.
Click here for the list of trail running show selection published by ISF (International Sky Running Federation)

Watch the video below for a preview of the race.

10 Weeks Away! Bidor Half Marathon 2011

Mark your calendar guys! The ever popular Bidor Half Marathon is back. Be sure to book yourself into the Grand Kampar. Relax by the pool and enjoy the super spacious rooms. Don't forget to enjoy the local delicacies at Kampar & Bidor.  

Date : 24th April 2011, Sunday
Venue : Dewan Muhibbah Bidor, Perak
Starting Time : 7:00am
E-mail: bidorrunnersclub@gmail.com

Registration Closing Date: 8th April 2011Source: pm1.blogspot.com

48 Hours Non-Stop! Do You Have What it Takes to be the Reebok Zigtech Treadmill Champion?

Date: 25 - 27 Feb 2011
Venue: Ground Floor, New Wing 1 Utama
Online registration: http://www.hooha.asia/

The title is quite misleading. I dun think anyone can last for 24 hours on the treadmill let alone 48 hours.

The objective of this challenge is to record the most energy generated (Distance x Speed) by a group of runners. The winner will be the one who can run the longest distance at the fastest time. The champion in both male and female cat will walk away RM3,700 richer.

To qualify for this event, you will be required to run 15mins minimally at a speed of 6.4km/hr (fast walking pace).

There are Reebok goodies for those who participate. The longer you run the more goodies you will be entitled to.

Each runner registers once only!
  • Run for 60 mins and less you get a Reebok running bib and socks.
  • Run for 60 mins and more you get a Reebok running tee (worth Rm69.00).
  • Run for 60 mins and more between 10pm to 8 am on the 25th, 26th and 27th Feb, you get a Reebok running tee(worth RM69.00), and a reebok bag (worth Rm99.00).

NTV7's Feel Good Run 2011

For the first time NTV7 is organizing a running event in the name of charity. Should be in for lots of fun and goodies. Watch the official launch video at the end of the post, courtesy of runwitme.

The Home of Feel Good celebrates the station’s 13th anniversary this year by sharing the joy of being with friends and family, having fun while getting healthy, with the Feel Good Run 2011, to be kicked off on Sunday, 3rd July, at Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama in Petaling Jaya.
The Feel Good Run 2011 comprises a charity run with four categories, a mini carnival, and stage events. Proceeds from the fun runs will be channeled to selected charity.
With fees of RM25 for participants aged 13 and above and RM10 for those aged 12 years and below, the four categories of the charity run are as follows:

1) Feel Good Run – 7 km, aged 13 and above
2) Run with Celebrities – 3 km, aged 13 and above
3) Costume Fun Run – 3 km, aged 13 and above
4) Kids Run – 700 m, aged 12 and below

Registration is open from 19th March and closes on 19th June and can be done online at www.ntv7.com.my/feelgoodrun. Manual registrations can be done at the following:

-Federal Territory Amateur Athletic Association (FTAAA),
2nd Floor, Wisma OCM, Jln Hang Jebat 50150 Kuala Lumpur

-Twenty First Century Sports (M) Sdn Bhd,
No 51 Jln SS 18/6, 47500 Subang Jaya
Run enquiry please call 03-5637 3821 or E-mail to feelgoodrun@ntv7.com.my

Those who sign up for the run will each be given a race pack comprising exclusive ntv7 merchandise and fantastic goodies from various sponsors. Race packs can be collected on 1st and 2nd July at Federal Territory Amateur Athletic Association (FTAAA), Multi Purpose Hall, Wisma OCM, Jln Hang Jebat 50150 Kuala Lumpur, between 10am to 6pm Those who wish to get their race packs delivered to them instead only need to pay an additional RM10. A certificate and memento will be presented to those who successfully complete the fun runs.
With various games and stage activities lined up, the Feel Good Run 2011 is set to be an entertaining day out for all.

7th Alor Setar City Run 2011

Thanks Haris for the forms and update.

Date: 26 Feb 2011 (Sat)
Time: 6.30am
Venue: Perkarangan Stadium Darul Aman Alor Setar
Distance: 5km, 7km, 10km
Closing date: 17 Feb 2011

Malakoff Penang, even earlier this year?

Malakoff Penang is getting earlier each year. Since its inception in 2008, the even was moved from August, June, April and now March...wow! 

The event is confirmed on 27 Mar 2011 as published in its website www.malakoff.com.my. I guess the registration forms will be out pretty soon. Stay tuned!

Forms for Merentas Desa Pulau Pinang 2011

Here are the forms for Penang X-Country Run 2011.

Check out the website for the routes as well. http://kskbayanlepas.blogspot.com

Mark your calendars 26th June for the SCKL 2011

Registration for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 is now open. Don’t miss out! Early Bird Registration runs now through 28 February. Take advantage of the discounted price and tell your friends as well.

Targeting 25,000 international and local runners, this year’s Marathon aims to be bigger and better than ever! With a total prize money purse of US$100,000 and running categories of full marathon, half marathon, 10km, 5km and kids dash (3km & 950m), the Standard Chartered KL Marathon is the biggest running event in Malaysia.

The various running routes weave through the vibrant streets of Kuala Lumpur and showcase the city’s historic landmarks and natural green beauty. The Standard Chartered KL Marathon routes are truly runs unmatched in Southeast Asia.

Don’t regret! Sign up now!

Registration will close once the targeted 25,000 runner mark is hit.

Merentas Desa Pulau Pinang 2011

The cross country run event will be held at 6 March 2011. It was announced KSK Bayan Lepas's blog yesterday. Some minor adjustments will be made to make the event more challenging this year round.

Amongst them are:
1. The addition of medals for winner, runners-up and 2nd runners-up to include all categories.
2. Finisher's medal for all categories.
3. Certificates and food coupons for all participants.
4. Grand lucky draw prize is 3 mountain bikes worth rm4,000 and many other prizes to be won.
5. Participants will race through beaches, hills, farm and villages. Plenty of scenic views.
6. And last but not the least, sufficient toilets to cater for all participants.

Forms will be out soon. Stay tuned!

Website: http://kskbayanlepas.blogspot.com

Energize Night Race 2011

Date: 16th April 2011
Venue: Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia
Starting Time: 7.40pm
Closing Date & Maximum Entries
1st March 2011 [ Tuesday, 12am ] or upon reaching 10,000 runners, whichever that occurs first.
Distance: 5.5km, 11km, 21km & 42km

A unique running experience not to be missed. Tired of watching the F1 race, try running on the circuit itself and experience the grandstand finish!

Website: www.energizernightrace.com.my

Happy New Year 2011!

Welcome 2011! What a year it has been. Plenty of runs and races, and certainly fun. I've updated the race calendar for 2011.

Looking forward to a great year ahead! Good luck everyone.