21st Nov is 3 Weeks Away

21st Nov is just less than 3 weeks away. It has been a long time since I've run anything more than 10km so I'm not even sure that I'll be starting. My last race dates back to 5th June when I competed in the Komtar Tower run. Ever since, my training schedule has been on and off without consistency.

My greatest fear is cramps setting in after the mid-point and that would severely affect my finishing time. Of course, preserving my PB would be the main target but at this point of time I wouldn't think that would be possible. My PB of 1:58:24 was achieve some 1.5 years ago at Bidor Half Marathon. Then I was in tip top condition and come to think of it, I had gained many pounds this year. My weight has blossomed, thanks to plenty of workload and stress which makes me over-indulge in food, snacks and booze.

So I'll be hoping to just have a good time and enjoy myself in this race. No time limit and no pressure and hopefully no cramps.

How's your preparation going? Feel free to share with us.

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