Hat Yai Nature Run 2010

Date: 8th August 2010 (Sunday)
Venue: At the parking lot in front of The Computer Center, Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Songkhla, Thailand.

Hat Yai Nature Run is one of the national running competitions in the south of Thailand that has the highest number of runners. A number of 3,684 runners came to participate in the competition last year. Among these runners, 3,474 runners were Thai and 210 were foreign runners. This activity aims to support the alert current for the promotion of exercise for health. The rush and competitive life style makes people have less time of relaxing and exercise. Health of general people seems to be in contrast with the growth of the city. Ignoring the health situation, people will have chances of getting sick that will directly affect to the body, family, and economy of such people. Then participants of this competition will include all types of runners such as outstanding runners, amateur runners, school students, and university students.

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Good Luck for SCKL!

I apologize for my sudden hiatus as I've been busy with work on my upcoming projects. As the SCKL is just few days away, I would like to wish all runners good luck and all the best in achieving your goals. Remember these do's and dont's when you cross the finishing line this Sunday.

  • If you're wearing headphones (which isn't a good idea in races), take them off so you can hear the spectators' cheers. 
  • Thank and acknowledge the cheering spectators.
  • Make sure you look up at the camera as you cross the finish line. Don't look down at your watch to check your time!
  • Slow down, give your best smile and raise up your hands, don't block your BIB for the photographer's sake.
  • If you have a timing chip, make sure you step on the timing mat and return the chip to the organizers.
  • Once you've crossed the finish line, don't immediately stop. There may be runners coming in right behind you, so keep going until it's safe to come to a stop.
  • If you're experiencing a lot of pain, feel light-headed, or just not right, head immediately to the medical tent - it should be right next to the finish line.
  • Make sure you get something to eat and drink, but don't take more than your fair share. The back of the pack runners will appreciate it when there are still enough goodies for them at the end.