SCKL 2010 Running Clinics

Standard Chartered KL Marathon – Running Clinics
- A interactive and fun platform for participants of the KL Marathon 2010
- Provide basic information for runners to prepare for the Race
- The Organiser is present to get in touch with the runners and listen to them
- Running in a Group / build up ‘community feeling’
- Sign up new Runners for the KL Marathon 2009
- PR Stories / Media Integration

Dates Venue Date Time
Kuala Lumpur Taman Tasik (Lake Gardens) Saturday, 24 April 2010 8am – 10am
Ipoh Padang Polo Sunday, 9 May 2010 8am – 10am
Penang Padang Perbandaran Sunday, 16 May 2010 8am – 10am
Johor Bahru Danga Bay Sunday, 23 May 2010 8am – 10am
Kuala Lumpur Taman Titiwangsa Sunday, 6 June 2010 8am – 10am

Running Clinics is for anyone planning to participate in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. We include all levels of runners – and especially the first time runners. Every clinic will accommodate a maximum of 200 participants.

Golazo and G2 will together announce it and drive registration on various channels. Registration will be done by email to clinics@kl-marathon.com

Running Clinics will be announced on the www.kl-marathon.com, through newsletters to 12,000 addresses as well as on Facebook.

Press Release in every region to announce the running clinic to be held and how to register (details on www.kl-marathon.com and registration application to clinics@kl-marathon.com

Post Event
G2, the PR company for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon on behalf of Golazo, will invite media to attend and to cover the running clinic

TV Coverage:
G2, the PR company for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon will take the Lead on both, Press and TV coverage. MAAU has offered their support in getting Astro Arena involved.

Food & Beverage
Golazo will provide Bananas (or Powerbars) and Water/Isotonic for the Runners

Info for Participants
‘Pick up invaluable tips from elite runners, coaches and other specialists as they cover informative and useful topics during the session.

No Fee will be charges, just bring your running apparel and running shoes with you and changes of clothes after the session’.

General Programme
08:00: Start Running Clinic – 30min talks about various topics when it comes to running
- General Training Principles
- Enhancing Performance
- Stretching
- Apparel
- Hydration and
- Nutritional and post-workout supplementation pointers
08:30: Start for a Run together (slopes at about 3 to 5 km)
09:15: Q&A session for Runners for Coach, Elite Athletes, Organiser, Registration boot for Standard Chartered KL Marathon is up
10:00: End of Running Clinic, Handout of a booklet from Mark Williams

Staff involved from Golazo
- In general Deeno Lot – he will drive the projects
- Mark Williams – as a coach from the organizer
- Rainer Biemans, Director of Operations Golazo
- Wes Sakai, Vice President Golazo (on Event Day)

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