Penang Inter-Collegiate Heritage Race Challenge 2010

Date: Saturday, May 15, 2010
Time: 7:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Upper Penang Road

Calling all College students!…If you’ve always loved to watch the 5-time winner of Outstanding Reality Competition, “The Amazing Race”, now is your chance to participate in this similar competition – The Penang Inter-Collegiate Heritage Challenge. Participants shall be required to complete the required tasks at designated heritage stops. Find your competitive edge while completing Detours (which the teams must complete together) and Roadblocks (which only one member of the team can perform) along the way as you appreciate the many colorful customs and cultures in Penang.

Organized by KDU College BA – IHTM Team 9 Events, the competition will be supported by Tourism Malaysia and Upper Penang Road. Hurry and register yourselves now, only limited to 50 teams and to be held at Upper Penang Road on 15 May from 7.30AM. There are attractive prizes to be won which include cash, trophies and vouchers.

The focus of this event is to showcase Penang’s rich heritage tourism, to promote healthy competition through sportsmanship and team spirit among the participants. Hence, this will build closer rapport among colleges and establish new friendships and connections as well as strengthening the relationships. Through the participation, teams get to learn and identify new discovery, be spontaneous in their wanderings, and in many cases, learn about the heritage sites which has been listed by UNESCO. This competition enhances your sense of involvement in a dynamic community, brought to you by KDU College BA in International Hotel and Tourism students. More importantly, you’re given a unique opportunity to “craft” experiences with chances to win.

Entry forms can be obtained from your respective colleges; KDU College – School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts; and G Hotel. Deadline for submission of entry form is on 7th May.

For more details, please contact Team 9 Events at 013-4351888 or jensykusuma@gmail.com c/o Jensy Ng (Event Chairman) or visit the blog - http://www.heritagechallenge2010.blogspot.com or facebook – Team 9 Events.

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