KWYP Penang Hill Climb Route

This year's event will be held on 4th July. Forms still not out yet but this is one of the events I've been waiting for. To put it to words, this route is really a KILLER. To me its one of the toughest and yet you need to push yourself to the limit. With no less than 1,000kcal burnt for every workout, I will try to make it a fixture every Sunday.

The most difficult parts being close to 46 and just after the 84 point. We can see from the map that the elevation level is up to a 20% gradient. I'm not sure how some people could run on these slopes but I'll be out of breath on a walking pace. The route that I plotted out is not 100% accurate but based on my closest estimate. I believe it would be longer, around 8km+. Distance from starting point in Youth Park to the foot of the hill would be around 3km. If I could better my record and do below 1 hour, I'd be a very happy man.

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Yimster said...

Wow, it does look like an interesting run specially the last 3kms. You got to place your strategy on this since the difficult climb is at the very end. But I would take it if I was there. Never say never to a good challenge no matter how hard it is. Hey, after all, its always an experience and more importantly to finish it up :)

Shaun Yap said...

Yes, you should try it if you're in Penang. The other stressful part is descending the hill after you had completed.