80% of Malaysians Are Not Designed For Running

Yes, you heard it....80%

If you are thinking of putting on those running shoes for a jog around the park this afternoon, think again.

Eighty per cent of Malaysians are not “designed” for running due to a variety of conditions such as bone structure, said Mal­aysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA) president Dr Balwant Singh Bains.

Thus, many students get injured when they take part in school sports which usually involve running and cross-country activities, he said.

He said that he was not against running but stressed that it was important to be screened by a physiotherapist before starting an exercise regime.

“For adults, jogging is the first thing that comes to mind when a doctor recommends exercise,” he said, adding that ageing could leave weak points in our bodies.

“A physiotherapist can recommend a suitable training regime which will not affect the weak areas,” he said.

Alternatives include swimming, cycling and other low impact activities such as step exercises, Dr Balwant added.
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