Do You Hydrate Adequately?

Do you carry your water bottle whenever you exercise? If you do, do you sip water before, during and after your workout?

I am a regular user of parks in the Klang Valley – Gasing Hill, Kiara Hill, Lake Gardens, just to name a few. I mainly brisk walk and sometimes run.

Whenever I go to the parks, I always carry my water bottle with me. My sessions range generally from 30 minutes to 1 hour. I always sip my energy drink, before, during and after.

What astonish me most is most or almost all of the park users don’t carry water bottle when they are exercising.

Most people only start drinking when they are thirsty. When one is thirsty, it is already a sign of dehyrdration. A person who is dehyrdrated has dark coloured and concentrated urine, while a person who is hydrated has light coloured and diluted urine.

And when one is dehyrdrated, the heart has to pump harder as the blood is thicker and this may lead to dizziness, cramps and fatigue.

Also, exercise increases oxygen utilization up to 20 times the resting rate. Thus, this greatly increases the production of free radicals and leads to questions about damaging the muscles and other tissues. Due to this, athletes are strongly encouraged to consume more food containing antioxidant properties to protect themselves from the extra free radicals which may eventually lead to cancer.

The body also loses important minerals through sweat. Thus, if you are doing intense workout (ie losing more than 2% of weight through sweat and workout lasting more than 60 minutes), then you should consider beverage containing electrolytes, carbohydrate and antioxidants. This is to help maintain the ratio of electrolyte fluid balance and for better performance and recovery.

Hence, if you just drink plain water to hydrate yourself, you may not be maintaining the electrolyte fluid balance. Also, if you don’t consume enough food which contains antioxidants, you will be causing damage to your body in the long run.

So remember, keep sipping your beverage when you workout!

This article is contributed by Cindy Wong. She is a health enthusiast, exercises daily and takes part in competitive walks. She is attached to PM International AG, which distributes a wide range of health products, including energy drink which is widely consumed by world class athletes. For any enquiries, she can be contacted at theorangeman@hooha.asia

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