Ironman Langkawi 27-Feb-2010

This 27-Feb, brace yourself for the Langkawi Ironman, a competition reserved for the superhuman species. There will be 729 competitors from 49 countries pursuing for glory and the coveted prize money totaling USD$50,000. To finish the competition is a challenge itself, having to swim 3.8km, cycle 180km and run a full 42km marathon. I really can't understand how these people could do it. I guess training, training and endless training...

Ironman Malaysia
Ironman boost for tourism industry
Hafiz aims to dip below 10 hours 
Hafiz out be best Malaysian finisher again

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A series of 6km run/walk talking place over the course of 24 hours in 192 countries featuring Live concerts.
Sunday, 18 Apr, 2010
Marina Bay, Singapore


6km is the average distance women and children walk every day in the developing world to have access to water. Close to a billion people are without access to safe drinking water.

Immigration in the Dark over Foreign Runners

Many of these participants claim they are students but allegations are rife that syndicates are involved in engaging the Africans to make some quick money.

The syndicates provides the Africans with room and board, sponsorship and other benefits in return for a percentage, at times as much as 40%, of the prize money offered.

Read the full article:

Immigration in the dark over foreign runners

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Associations tightening the guidelines on foreign participation

Run for Haiti this February

If you would like to be charitable not only to Haiti but also your own well-being and fitness, this is the event for you. Join New York Road Runners, NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation and MapMyRun in a virtual 4-mile run & walk to benefit Haiti. For more information and registration, click here.

How can I participate Virtually?

  1. Simply Run or Walk the 4 miles anywhere you choose from Feb 19 to Feb 24, 2010. Read the Step-By-Step Guide
  2. Submit race distance and time at the Virtual Run / Walk for Haiti website. Results can be entered manually or via supported timing devices like Garmin, Nike+, Polar, and more.
  3. Compare your results with other virtual participants and see how you would have finished among the live participants.

Nuffnangers run towards The Year of Tiger

The Tiger Run
Time: 4.30pm
Date: 6th Februry 2010
Venue: Bar Madrid, Jaya One, PJ
Dress Code: Anything!

Yes, you can run dressed in anything you want! Be a tiger, soldier, giant pencil, anything! Well, let’s just say that we’re giving out some prizes for the best dressed runners...

About the event
The Year of the Tiger draws near. Nuffnang and Tiger Beer wishes to usher in this coming Chinese New Year with a blast by making your dreams come true! Are you prepared to dash towards the Year of the Tiger? By dashing, we mean running! Yes, we’ll be having a Tiger Run just for Nuffnangers to mark us running towards the Year of the Tiger!
Qualifying for the Tiger Run
After consulting the feng shui masters, it has been decided that there must be only 88 runners in the event to ensure the year is auspicious for all who take part in the run. As there are so many Nuffnangers out there, we’ll have to give these slots out to Nuffnangers who really need or deserve to have their dreams come true.
How do we know that you have a dream dying to come true? Easy – share it in your blog!
  1. Write a blog post titled – "My Dream in the Year of the Tiger" and share what your dream is with everyone. It can be anything, a trip to Tokyo, an LV bag or even a litter of kittens!
  2. Send an email to fulfillmywish.tiger@nuffnang.com with your full name and blog permalink and you’re set!

88 lucky Nuffnangers with the most creative and deserving dreams will then be chosen to take part in the Tiger Run!
After Run Party!
We will be throwing an after run party at Bar Madrid with a wholesome dinner for all participants. Look forward to the prize giving session as 10 ang pows containing RM88 each with a six-pack Tiger Beer will be given out to participants of the run for unique accomplishments. Of course, the grand winner and the male and female runner ups will also be called upon to receive their prizes and photo opportunities!
All in All
Share you dream, run towards it just like how we are heading towards the year of Tiger and get your wish fulfilled by Tiger Beer this February. Sounds like a fantastic thing to do to usher in the Year of Tiger isn’t it? Take part now!
Terms and Conditions Apply.

Prizes for the Tiger Run
Grand Prize

RM8,888 worth of dreams +
RM1,888 cash prize

1st Runner Up (Male)

RM8,888 worth of dreams
1st Runner Up (Female)

RM8,888 worth of dreams
Consolation Prizes

RM88 ang pow + 6 pack of Tiger Beer