Congratulations Malaysia! Champion of AFF Suzuki Cup 2010

Well done Malaysia! Good job to King Raja and the Bluez for making the whole nation proud. With the spirit of Malaysia Boleh! I'm sure we can achieve more success in the future. Friday has been declared as a public holiday to savior the achievement of our heroes.

New! MIO Quest HRM with GPS

If you ever wanted to get a HRM + GPS watch that is compact and lightweight, this might just be your perfect choice. New product with on-demand HRM watch WITHOUT Chest-Strap.  Come with Pedometer & Calories monitor.  Comparing to other technical HRM which usually not so user-friendly.  This is a wellness product which good for all-level for active person.

Take your performance to the next level with the MIO Quest. With its sleek and compact design, the MIO
Quest is one of the smallest GPS watches on the market!

The Quest tracks your exercise, stores your data for analysis and lets you upload to your PC to track your progress. The Quest has a direct link to MapMyRun allowing you to share your performance with your on-line community!

The Quest allows you to track your personalized biofeedback data! You can analyzes your current, average and maximum heart rates, your time zones, calories burned, speed and the distance you have traveled.

Designed to get the strongest signal available with it's high sensitivity GPS receiver it provides accurate tracking under trees and near tall buildings.

The Quest is feature rich with waypoint mode.

* one of the smallest/sleek GPS watches on the market
* Continuous heart rate monitoring
* GPS location with waypoint recording
* tracks exercise, stores data for analysis
* upload to PC to track progress
* has direct link to MapMyRun allowing to share your performance with your on-line community
* analyzes current, average and maximum heart rates, time zones, calories burned, speed and the distance
* Designed to get the strongest signal available with it's high sensitivity GPS receiver
* provides accurate tracking under trees and near tall buildings (even in the car with tinted glass).
* Feature rich with waypoint mode.

Designed for : Runner
Also good for : MTB, Adventure, Gym
Sizes : 1 size fits all
Colors : Black
Availability : Available

RSP : RM980.00
MRE : RM928.00 (Special! Only available online and while stocks last)

Contact me: yapshaun@gmail.com (hp: 012-5092128)

PAAA Round the Island Race Report

Source: thestar.com.my

THE Penang Turf Club are often associated with either horse racing or golf but this is no longer the case as they are now into athletics as well.

This seemed to be the scenario if the 33rd edition of the Round the Island Relay, annually hosted by the Penang Athletics Association (PAAA) and the Penang Sports Council, was to be used as a yard stick.

The challenge, with its running route spanning a distance of 72.2km, took its more than 400 participants through the island’s scenic and interesting areas such as Balik Pulau, Teluk Bahang, Batu Ferringhi, Tanjung Bungah and Tanjong Tokong.

The turf club outfit, making a strong bid in the Men’s Open category, were rightly crowned champions when they clocked the fastest time of 4:29.08, which was more than 18 minutes ahead of their closest rivals, the Penang Forward Sports Club ‘A’, who dashed home in 4:47.32.

Pacemakers Malaysia 1 were placed third when they completed their race in a time of 4:45.44.

Penang Forward Sports Club, which were hoping to make amends in the Veteran’s category, after missing out on honours in the Men’s Open, again ended up disappointed.

The Taiping Road Runners team, who clocked in the fastest time of 5:03.06, were crowned as the Men’s Veteran champs, as Penang Forward Sports Club were again made to play the bridesmaids role for a second time during the recent event.

The club’s ‘D’ outfit were six minutes short of the champs when the runners returned with a time of 5:09.02 while third was Old Two Hiking Team (5:32.56).

The introduction of the Mixed Category, an event which blended in the men and women, proved to be the highlight of this year’s challenge.

PAAA secretary V. Govindasamy said each team in the Mixed category were built around six men and six women, and its introduction was to encourage more women to participate in the annual challenge.

I-Run Waterfall Warriors, started the ball rolling in a very promising fashion, fielding as many as four teams in the new category.

It was no surprise when they dominated the event by making it an I-Run Waterfall Warriors affair, when their representatives in the Metal, Water and Fire teams, all finished in the top three.

The Metal team clocked 5:48.33 to take top spot while the Water team came in second with a time of in 5:53.59 followed by the Fire team (6:17.32).

With a total of six teams featuring in the inaugural challenge, the others being Rubber Burners and Infinity Milers, I-Run Waterfall Warriors’ other team — Earth —ma-naged a fifth placing after returning a time of 6:52.27.

Rock to Rock Run 2010 Postponed to 18Dec

In mark of respect to the passing of Tun Dato' Seri Dr. Lim Chong Eu, R2R run has been postponed to 18Dec, which is a day before the Round the Island Relay.

Larian Serentak 1 Malaysia 2010

Date: 11 Dec 2010 (Sat)
Time: 7:30am
Distance: 5km
Venue: Across Malaysia (check with state representatives for exact location)
Download form

Venue not stated in the form. To participate, you may contact the state representatives below.

Solution to Leg Cramps...Magnesium?

Are you suffering from leg cramps and wondering what's wrong with your body? Why can some people finish a marathon without a single cramp while I struggle to go past 25k? I've experience it before and the worse was during Malakoff 2009 when I had cramps on both my thighs, calves and even feet. It brought me down to earth and I kept on wondering to myself, is my body not built to run long distances? Ever since then, I had told myself that I would never complete a full marathon and I had limit myself to nothing more than 21km.

So is there any hope for people like me out there? I might have just stumbled upon a solution thanks to advice from some friends. I may be suffering from a MAGNESIUM-deficiency. From internet search, I found out that symptoms of magnesium-deficiency are anxiety, eye-lid and muscle twitches, fatigue and headache. It gets worse if you are a coffee-lover, smoker, diabetic or alcoholic.

We often thought of potassium, sodium, calcium and other minerals for electrolyte-replacement but often neglected magnesium. In fact, we're more likely to run out of magnesium than any of the other electrolytes mentioned. So what is magnesium's role and why is it so important?

Think of a key and a lock. Normally stored in muscle and bone, magnesium acts like a key that unlocks muscle cells, allowing potassium and calcium to move in and out when needed as a muscle does its job. Without adequate levels of any of these three nutrients, the muscle becomes irritable, says Dr. McLean. "It's a crude analogy, but to keep the muscle cell adequately healthy and alive, you need to get potassium into the cell, and you need to have magnesium to open up the door to let the potassium in," he explains. Make no mistake: Both potassium and calcium are also vital to this process. It's just that the body generally has adequate amounts of these two electrolytes on hand, says Dr. Brilla. If the body is going to get low on any electrolyte, it is most likely to be magnesium, she says.

Without much convincing, I visited Guardian at Queensbay Mall after picking up the PBIM bibs and got myself a bottle of Blackmore's Bio Magnesium Plus at RM41.90. I'm not setting up high hopes yet but I would really wish to complete next year's Malakoff below 3 hours i.e. without cramps. Let's wait n see...

Alternatively you may start on a Magnesium-Rich diet but that would not be as effective as most of our food are processed.

Source: http://www.mg12.info/articles/cramps.html

PAAA 33rd Annual Round the Island Relay 2010

Penang Amateur Athletic Association with the support of Penang State Government, MPPP, MSN Penang and JBS Pulau Pinang will be organising the 33rd Annual Round-The-Island Relay 2010 at 6.00 a.m. on Sunday, 19th December 2010 , starting and finishing at UPPER Penang Road, Penang.

Participation: Entries are open to all PAAA affiliates and non affiliates.
Each team shall register 15 runners and confirm 12 runners who shall run
on the morning of the race day. Duplication of names will not be allowed.

Categories :
Men Open
(16 years and above)
Men Veteran Open (40 years and above)
(Age to be calculated as at 31.12.2010)
* Mixed Team ( 6 men / 6 women) (16 years and above)

Special Category : * Hotels/ Multi National- Local Industries(FTZ)/ Banks/ Schools /
Government Depts-Agency
* (subject to participation of 3 teams in each category.)

Entry Fees
Affiliates: RM 50.00 per team
Non-affiliates: RM60.00 per team

Entry fee shall be paid in the form of money order /postal order/ cheque and made
payable to the Hon.Treasurer, PAAA and is not refundable.

Closing Date : 6th of December, 2010

Route Distance Remarks
1 - 7.5km 1st Long Run
2 - 7.3km 2nd Long Run
3 - 6.3km Flat Terrain
4 - 3.9km Up & Down Terrain
5 - 5.0km Up & Down Terrain
6 - 6.4km Flat Terrain
7 - 5.7km Tough Uphill
8 - 7.5km Tough Downhill
9 - 5.3km Downhill & Flat
10 - 6.3km Downhill, Flat & Hot
11 - 6.4km Long & Hot
12 - 5.1km Hot & Finishing Point

Download Form

About Terry Fox Run

Terrance Stanley "Terry" Fox CC OD, (July 28, 1958 – June 28, 1981) was a Canadian humanitarian, athlete, and cancer research activist. In 1980, with one leg having been amputated, he embarked on a cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research. Although the spread of his cancer eventually forced him to end his quest after 143 days and 5,373 kilometres (3,339 mi), and ultimately cost him his life, his efforts resulted in a lasting, worldwide legacy. The annual Terry Fox Run, first held in 1981, has grown to involve millions of participants in over 60 countries and is now the world's largest one-day fundraiser for cancer research; over C$500 million has been raised in his name.
Join the Terry Fox Foundation at Facebook

Larian Valdor 2010

Date: 26 December 2010 | Sunday | 7:00am
Venue: Padang SJK(C) Valdor, Sg Bakap, Seberang Perai Selatan, P.Pinang
Distance: 8km and 11km.

Download form

Source: http://alharis.blogspot.com

21st Nov is 3 Weeks Away

21st Nov is just less than 3 weeks away. It has been a long time since I've run anything more than 10km so I'm not even sure that I'll be starting. My last race dates back to 5th June when I competed in the Komtar Tower run. Ever since, my training schedule has been on and off without consistency.

My greatest fear is cramps setting in after the mid-point and that would severely affect my finishing time. Of course, preserving my PB would be the main target but at this point of time I wouldn't think that would be possible. My PB of 1:58:24 was achieve some 1.5 years ago at Bidor Half Marathon. Then I was in tip top condition and come to think of it, I had gained many pounds this year. My weight has blossomed, thanks to plenty of workload and stress which makes me over-indulge in food, snacks and booze.

So I'll be hoping to just have a good time and enjoy myself in this race. No time limit and no pressure and hopefully no cramps.

How's your preparation going? Feel free to share with us.

5 More Days to Register for PBIM: Closing Date 31-Oct

5 more days to register for the Penang Bridge International Marathon! The registration will be closed on 31st October 2010 (Sunday), so for those who have not yet registered, register as soon as possible!

For those who have registered, there will be a Marathon Clinic this Sunday 31st October at the Botanic Garden at 8.30am. Spend your time with experienced runner Chris Stewart who shares tips and advice on the progress on your current training and how and what to expect during your run at the Penang Bridge International Marathon!

DO be informed that the Full Marathon category is now closed for registration as we have already reached maximum capacity for Full Marathon participants as we are no longer able to provide any more imported running vests.

As for those who have yet to pay for your registration, please pay immediately before the closing date on 31st October to secure your registration as all unpaid registrations will be deleted soon.

For further enquiries and assistance kindly contact the Penang Marathon Hotline at : 016-4110000 and 04-6505136/04-2619012. If it's most convenient to you, drop us an email at info@penangmarathon.gov.my.

Beware of Toxic Bananas!

Yes we all love bananas and they are the No. 1 food for runners! The article below really caught me by surprise as I used to buy cheap bananas from a well-known hypermarket. Not too sure about the origin and the authenticity of this article. So let's just be vigilant...

At the rate of RM 2/- a dozen, death is being sold nowadays in our markets.

Friends, we all love bananas and we eat a lot of them, but the bananas available in the market are forced ripe by dipping in water mixed with Carbide. The consumption of these bananas is 100% sure to cause Cancer or some other infection in the stomach.  Therefore, such types of bananas are to be avoided. But, how does one recognize the bananas ripened with the help of Carbide? Bananas which are ripened naturally are dark yellow and there are small black spots here and there on the bananas and the stalks are black. While those which are forced ripe with Carbide are lemon yellow and their stalks are green and moreover they are clear yellow without any black spots.

Now, what is Carbide and how is it harmful? Carbide is a chemical which if mixed with water, emits heat and the heat emitted by a close tank mixed with Carbide is even more than that emitted by a LPG Cylinder, so much so it can be used for Gas Cutting (which means the calorific value is so high that it can replace LPG gas).  In the same way, when the bunch of bananas is dipped in the water mixed with Carbide, the gas gets absorbed into the bananas and they get ripe.  However, the banana vendors are not that literate and so they do not know the exact proportion of Carbide to be used for a dozen of bananas.  As a result they end up using excess quantity of Carbide which gets absorbed into the bananas and ultimately enters our stomach.  Due to this excess use of Carbide, Tumors can be formed in our digestive system. So, next time you purchase bananas, make sure you select the naturally ripened ones.

Malakoff KL Run 2010 - Registration Open!

December 19, 2010
Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort (For more info, check out www.malakoffrun.com.my )
Starting Time
7.00am (12km), 7.15am (7km)

Online registration available at http://www.myraceonline.com/


Click on thumbnail below to view larger image.

Penang Starwalk 2010 - Entries Open Today!

THE long-awaited 10km Penang Starwalk is back. And those who sign up for the Dec 12 walk early are in for a movie treat.

Entries open on Oct 18 and the first 300 participants to personally register will each receive a Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) ticket on a first-come-first-served basis. The movie tickets are only redeemable at GSC Gurney Plaza.

A total of 150 tickets will be available at Star Northern Hub at 202, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah in Bayan Lepas and another 150 at the newspaper’s George Town office at 15, Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling.

The walk will be flagged off from the Penang International Sports Arena on Jalan Mahsuri at 7am for competition walkers and 7.30am for non-competition walkers.

Registration fee is RM8 for non-competition walkers and RM12 for competition walkers. All participants will each receive a T-shirt and a goodie bag.

Participants who complete the walk within two hours will be eligible for a lucky contest that offers attractive prizes as well as a participation certificate.

The top three schools which register the most number of students will enjoy special incentives.

Entry forms will be available from Oct 18, online at http://thestar.com.my/starwalk/ and will also be printed in The Star national edition every Monday and in StarMetro North on Wednesdays and Fridays.

For enquiries, call Nazri at 012-4732969 or Khoo at 019-4786813.

Download Form

Tanjung 10km Run - Results!

Finally the full results are out!

Complete with every participant. To download, click on the link below.

Download Results

10km Veterans Run 2010

Date: 14 November 2010 | 8:00am
Venue: PISA, Bayan Baru, Penang
Distance: 10km
Contact: 012-4746037 (Jordan Lee)

Plenty of categories to enter with 5 year gaps. There is also a special category for those below 35 yrs old. So don't fret, this race is not only for the vets.

Forms available from Mr Haris's blog.

My E-Store is Live!!!

Finally being able to integrate my very own e-store into my running blog. Excuse me for the rush job but I promise to tidy up further in the near future.

You can find many technical running apparels, equipment, gears including watches at my e-store. For ease of navigation I had included the button at the top right-hand corner.

You may find brands like Fuel Belt, Ultimate Directions, Shotz, Zensah, Zoot, Mio Watches, Newton and many more to come...

Have a pleasant shopping experience.

Melaka Coastal Charity Fun Run 2010

Date: 26 December 2010 | Sunday | 7:30am
Venue: Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka
Distance: 6km
Website: www.melakacharityrun.org

Malacca Coastal Charity Fun Run 2010 is a charity run organized to raise fund for Joy Workshop, a non-profit organization for people with learning difficulties.
We hope through this event we are able to bring more hope and better future for these young people with learning difficulties to lead a better life ahead. This event is going to be held during Christmas celebration, a day for worldwide celebration for joy, peace and love.
Come and join us for a good cause! 


Target participants :  1,500 - 2,000 runners nationwide

Open to public, handicapped persons are also welcomed  
(special arrangement)

Men Open 50 & Below
Men Veteran 50 & Above
Women Open 45 & Below
Women Veteran 45 & Above
Prizes & Medals:  
1. Top 5 finishers (Category A,B,C,D) will receive   Product     Vouchers
Champion   RM400
1st Runner Up  RM300
2nd Runner Up RM200
4th & 5th Runner Up RM100 each

2.    Product Vouchers worth RM200 will be given to Fancy     Outfit Competition winner.
3. All runners who have completed the run (Category A,B,C,D) will     receive
   - Finishing Medal - Goodies Bag


1. 1 pc branded running t-shirt
2. 1 pc special design medal
3. 1 pc goodies bag
4. 1 bottle of isotonic drink & light refreshment

Download Form

KRI Road Race 2010 (Bukit Kinding Resort)

Date: 12 December 2010 | Sunday | 7:30am
Venue: Bukit Kinding Resort, Tanjung Rambutan
Distance: 12km
Website: www.kelabroadrunnersipoh.blogspot.com
Online Registration :http://www.themarathonshop.com.my/live/
The KRI annual road race is back! This time with online registration available. An event not to be missed out in your running calendar.

Rock to Rock Run 2010

Date: 28 November 2010
Venue: Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Distance: 5km
Contact: 04-8811711 Raymond Seow

Held for the first time, this charity cum fun run event is sure to attract quite a crowd. Catering to more casual runners and those wanting to have a good time while exercising. Dress in any Hard Rock merchandise or dress like a Rock Star and you might just walk away with the best dressed runner award, provided you cross the finish line. Winner medals for 10 fastest male and female runners, lucky draws & certificates for those who complete within 60 minutes.

But the main reason for participating in this event is to get hold of the Original Hard Rock Hotel Classic Tee worth RM78. Offer is limited to first 1,000 participants only. So let's Rock n Roll...

Download Forms

Source: http://alharis.blogspot.com/

You Wanna Run Further? Drink this!

How many km can you run in 24 hours? This guy from England did 225km. And after drinking beetroot juice daily for a week prior to the race, he improved his distance to 238km.

Is it real? Can we get it here in Malaysia? Read on...


Tanjung 10km - T/shirt/number collection

Message from the organizers.

Those registered participants can collect their t/shirt/ running numbers from our PAAA office in RECSAM as follows :

30-9-2010 - from 6.30pm to 8.30pm
1-10-2010 - from 6.30pm to 8.30pm
2-10-2010 - from 10.00am to 6.00 p.m.

Kindly take note.

Larian Muhibbah NTCRC 2010

Source: Run.Mix.Burn

Date: 7 November 2010 | Sunday | 7:30am
Venue: Taman Nibong Tebal Jaya, Nibong Tebal, Penang
Distance: 8km and 6km for women
Contact: 012-5812189 | khoobakkiang@yahoo.com | Khoo Bak Kiang

Good warm up run before the PBIM. It's held during the Deepavali weekend, so don't expect a huge turnout as many people will still be on holidays. According to the organizer this event was last held 5 years ago. Finisher medals for the first 500 finishers, lucky draw with motorcycle as grand prize. Maybe worth the trip there!

Download form

Kebun Bunga Charity Run 2010

Once again YB Jason Ong and his team is back again this year with another charity run.

This year the Kebun Bunga Charity Run 2010 will benefit Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital “Needy Patients Fund” and Pure Lotus Hospice.

Details of run:
Date : 24th October 2010 (Sunday)
Time : 7.30am
Venue : Amphitheater Youth Park Penang (start/finish)

Entry fees : RM16.00 (adult) / RM12.00 (children age 12 & below)
(T-Shirt; Bag; Bun & 500ml Drinking Water)

Closing Registration Date : 12th October 2010

T-shirt Collection : MPPP Stadium on 22nd & 23rd October 2010

Prizes : Finisher medals for first 500 who completed the run

Participation Certificate and Lucky Draw coupon for all who completed the run within 90mins

KL vs SG Nike City 10K Run

Every kilometre you sync to Nike+ from now till 31 Oct will contribute to Kuala Lumpur's standing in the KL vs SG Challenge. Prizes include Nike iD shoes and Apple products.

The city with the most kilometres by 31 Oct will win a US$30,000 donation from Nike for their respective charities. Runners in Kuala Lumpur will raise funds for Hope Worldwide Kuala Lumpur while runners in Singapore will run to earn a donation for Singapore’s Children’s Society.


To celebrate this challenge, we will be hosting a physical race in each city. Sign up for the race now and get 50% off your Nike+ Sportband!.

DATE: 10 Oct 2010 (Sunday)

TIME: 7am onwards

VENUE: Kuala Lumpur City Centre






More details visit Nike Malaysia

My Morning Run

This is may be my first and last morning run. Not recommended for beginner Parkour practitioners.

Juru Cross Country Run 2010

This is the first time I heard about this event. Might be organized before in the past but wasn't in the calendar for the past 2 years. Always delighted to learn about cross country runs instead of the usual road running. Ha, Juru is more well-known for its manufacturing industry, expensive eateries and lately residential property. Are there any more kampung's there?

Date: 26 September 2010 | Sunday | 8:00am
Venue: JKKK Perkampungan Juru (Beside Bomba Sukarela)
Distance: 8km
Contact: 0124776548 (Mr.Chiam)

Download Form
Source: http://alharis.blogspot.com/

KYWP Penang City Run 2010

Date: 17 Oct 2010 (Sun)
Time: 7am
Venue: Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong (Komtar)

More details and forms available from the link below

Tanjung 10km Run 2010

Dear Friends,

Attached herewith is the Tanjong 10km entry form for yr perusal.
The event will be held on Sunday, 3rd October 2010.
Closing date for entries is on 19th of September 2010.
Please circulate this info and urge your members / friends to participate.

Kindly contact the following persons if u need any assistance on registration.
Mr. Petha (012-4504587) Gelugor
Mr. Yaacob ( 012-4714650) Georgetown (Town Area)
Mr. Alex Ong (012-4945026) Bukit Mertajam/Mengkuang Area
Mr. Boss Lingam (012-4393142) BM Area
Mr. Yu Song (016-4628165) Butterworth Area.
Other teams who have large participation and
All schools who wish to register in bulks, kindly contact me at 016-4628260.

Download full size forms

Runners! Beware of Car Break-Ins

I think is fair to say that most of us have experienced car break-ins or knew of someone who had fell victim to it at one point of our lives. So why is it that we still leave our valuables in the car knowing that we run a risk of losing it? Read on to find out more...

THE last thing you want to worry about after signing up for a marathon is where to park your car on race day.
It might sound inconsequential but for experienced runners, it is an issue.
Parking lots are usually very quiet at about 4am and you would be able to find a handful of runners warming up around their cars.
The writer went on a morning run with a group of runners. But before we got started one of them asked if I had anything expensive in the car as it might attract thieves.
At 6am? Who would have thought that a car parked adjacent to the Bukit Aman police headquarters would be unsafe.


Clark Hatch Charity Run 2010

Date: 8 August 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 7.00am - 12.00pm
Venue: Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
Distance: N/A
Goodies: Free limited edition T-Shirt & Goodie Bag worth RM200 (limit to first 500ppl)

Download form

Thanks pm1

1Malaysia Media Run 2010

Date: 1 Aug 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 8.00am
Venue: NPC Clubhouse
Distance: 5km

Download form

Thanks Haris

Olympic Day Run 2010

Date: 26 Sept 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 7.30am
Venue: Dataran Merdeka, KL
Distance: 7km
Download forms jpg | pdf

More details at www.mcdonalds.com.my

The 10 Best Food for Runners

Good resource from competitor.com. Too bad not all are cheap and readily available here in Malaysia. Enjoy reading...

Wild salmon

Wild salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are sorely deficient in the average American’s diet. Omega-3 fats boost heart health by creating more elastic blood vessels and improve nervous system functioning. These benefits go beyond general health to affect exercise performance. A study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology showed that fish oil supplementation increased heart stroke volume (or the amount of blood the heart pumps with each contraction) and cardiac output (or the total amount of blood pumped by the heart) during low- to moderate-intensity exercise.

You can get the same benefits as fish oil supplementation by eating wild salmon or other omega-3-rich seafood two to three times per week.


Cherries are the most antioxidant-rich fruit on earth. They contain particularly large concentrations of a type of antioxidants called anthocyanins. Antioxidants provide a host of health benefits ranging from maintaining healthy blood vessels to prevention of cancerous tumor growth. They’re also good for athletic performance. In one study, the addition of cherry juice to the diet of competitive rowers significantly reduced the amount of strength loss and muscle soreness they experienced after a strength test designed to cause muscle damage compared to a group of fellow rowers who received a placebo instead.


Kale is a member of the cabbage family. It contains high levels of vitamins A, B6, C and K, as well as iron and calcium, and is one of the most antioxidant-rich vegetables. NutritionData.com gives kale a maximum five-star rating in the category of optimum health. Kale also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Low-grade inflammation resulting from exercise-induced muscle damage is a daily nuisance for many runners and can become a chronic issue in some cases. Maintaining a diet that’s high in anti-inflammatory foods reduces the risk of this problem.

Skim Milk

With its balance of fast-acting carbohydrates and proteins, skim milk is the ideal post-exercise muscle recovery “food” for runners. Research has shown that muscle glycogen stores are replenished and muscle tissues are repaired fastest when carbs and proteins are consumed together after the completion of a workout. A study by researchers at Indiana University found that chocolate-flavor skim milk outperformed a popular recovery supplement when consumed after exercise.


Bananas are among the best pre-workout and pre-race foods for runners. Bananas are almost all carbohydrate. A large banana contains more than 30 grams of carbohydrate, just 1 gram of protein, and no fat whatsoever. Bananas are also extremely high in potassium (400 mg), which is lost in sweat during exercise. Their softness and light taste make them easy to consume even with pre-race nerves, and their natural “wrapper” makes them handy for eating on the road.


Soy is a bona fide superfood. First, it’s incredibly versatile. You can enjoy it as edamame (steamed young soybeans), tofu, soymilk, and as the protein source in everything from soy burgers to some varieties of frozen burritos and energy bars. On top of that, soy provides a number of proven health benefits. Soy is clinically proven to lower cholesterol, reduce negative symptoms of menopause, and help prevent osteoporosis. It is also an excellent source of a type of antioxidants called phytoestrogens. On top of all that, soy is a great source of post-exercise protein to promote muscle recovery. Researchers at the Ohio State University recently published a study showing that soy protein is as effective as whey protein in promoting muscle growth in response to training.

Old-fashioned oatmeal

Sports nutritionists recommend that runners get approximately 60 percent of their daily calories from carbohydrate to maximize workout performance. The average runner gets less than 50 percent of his or her calories from carbs. Starting your day with a high-carb breakfast is a great way to boost your overall carbohydrate intake. Old-fashioned oatmeal provides a whopping 27 grams of carbohydrate per ½-cup serving. What’s more, old-fashioned oatmeal is a high-fiber, low-glycemic index food, so the energy it provides is long-lasting. A Penn State study found that men were able to exercise significantly longer after a breakfast of old-fashioned oatmeal than after a high glycemic index breakfast of puffed rice.

Green Tea

Green tea is on its way toward becoming the beverage of choice among runners, and with good reason. Green tea contains a high concentration of a class of antioxidants called catechins. A couple of Japanese studies showed that green tea extract supplementation increased endurance in mice. It appears that it worked by increasing the muscles’ capacity for fat burning during exercise by reducing the activity of free radicals that inhibit fat metabolism.

As yet, there have been no human studies showing an ergogenic effect of green tea extract supplementation. However, in a recent human study from the University of Birmingham, England, acute supplementation with green tea extract increased fat burning during moderate-intensity exercise by 17 percent. These results suggest a strong possibility that green tea extract could delay fatigue during prolonged moderate-intensity efforts.

Other studies have shown that green tea reduces free radical damage to muscle tissue during exercise. And the caffeine in green tea is also beneficial for runners. (Green tea has 25-30 mg caffeine per 8-oz serving, compared to 120-170 mg in coffee.) Caffeine has been shown to boost performance in races of every distance by stimulating the nervous system and reducing perceived exertion.


All of a sudden tomatoes are best known as the vegetable (technically a fruit) that contains the antioxidant lycopene. While lycopene certainly is a beneficial nutrient, whose consumption is associated with reduced risk of macular degeneration and certain types of cancer, it is only one of countless healthy phytonutrients contained in tomatoes. Tomatoes are also a great source of many vitamins and minerals that are helpful to runners, including vitamin B6. A recent study found that laboratory animals fed a vitamin B6-deficient diet were not able to store as much muscle glycogen. Another great thing about tomatoes is that they add a lot of flavor to a wide variety of dishes and meals without adding many calories (there are just 27 calories in a cup of cherry tomatoes). Thus, tomatoes contribute to a diet that is both lean and satisfying and keeps you at your optimal race weight without feeling deprived.

Whole-Wheat Pasta

Pasta is one of the most carbohydrate-dense foods, making it a great food to eat before big workouts and races, when you want to maximize muscle glycogen stores, and after big workouts, when you want to replenish those stores. But whole-wheat pasta is a better choice than pasta made with refined wheat flour. One cup of cooked whole-wheat spaghetti provides six grams of fiber, which promotes satiety and digestive health. Whole-wheat past is also a longer-lasting energy source than regular pasta.

Tanjung Run 2010

The Penang Tanjung Run will be held on 3rd Oct 2010. Stay tuned for the entry forms which will be out by end of this month.

Download Form for Merdeka Run 2010

Thanks to Mr Haris, the Merdeka Run forms are out. Download now following the link here.

Merdeka Run 2010

Registration for the Merdeka Run 2010 is now open. Registration can be done at the PEJABAT KELAB SUKAN DAN REKREASI MELAYU P.PINANG, Jalan Perak. For further details, please contact Ms Roslina  at 013-2386188/016-5515004 OR 04-2271217 Club office. 

DATE: 8 August 2010
TIME: 7.30am
PLACE: In front of CITY HALL (Esplanade)


Our club wishes to thank you for your participation in running MERDEKA 2009.Hope you will continue to participate in running MERDEKA 2010.Thank you once again.

Tired of Getting Sweat on Your Face?

Have you ever experience the stinging sensation of getting sweat in your eyes? Brushing it off your forehead will temporarily alleviate it, but sweat will keep dripping down your face, unless you stop your running. Normal cotton headbands don't help much as they can only absorbed as much as they can hold. Caps and visors are worse, wearing them will only add heat as the moisture from our sweat can't be evaporated. Thank god that somebody finally invented something that is reasonably priced and effective.

Tired of getting sweat on your face?

Halo Headbands are technically designed to keep sweat and sunscreen out of your eyes and off your glasses while training, working out, racing, or just working hard. Every Halo Headband includes our soft and comfortable Sweat Block Technology. This exclusive water-tight seal redirects sweat away from your face. (US Patent 6,567,991)

Halo Headband - How it all began

We simply got tired of sweat getting in our eyes! Here's how it started...

My partner and I have been competitive athletes our entire lives.  We have participated in numerous sports and activities including cross country mountain bike racing, adventure racing, Xterra events, 24 Hours of Adrenalin races, lacrosse, tennis, racquetball, and even running across the Grand Canyon and back.

During all these years of training and competing in the hot Southern California sun, we experienced one common problem....stinging, burning eyes from salty sweat constantly dripping in them.  After asking other competitors if they had the same problem, most of them responded, "Yes".  They all seem to have a story whether it was a crash, near miss, or just annoyed due to the sweat in their eyes and on their glasses.

We tried every headband out there, only to find they only worked temporarily.  Once an ordinary headband became saturated, it would drip sweat into our eyes impairing our vision.  That is no fun when you're racing a mountain bike at 25 mph on rough terrain.

That's when we decided to develop our own headband, one that actually worked.  We wanted to make the best performing headband in the world.

After two long years of hard work testing ideas and various prototypes, we came up with a solution. It is a water-tight seal on the inside of the headband we dubbed Sweat Block Technology.  The seal actually channels sweat to the sides, out of your face, even if it becomes saturated.  It worked so well we were amazed.  We had everyone we know from amateur to professional athletes try it out. The response was great. They loved it as much as we did.  It was so good that we decided to patent the technology.  The Halo Headband was born and is now the best headband on the market today.

Ten years later, we have grown into a high quality USA manufacturer with a complete line of products all designed to keep sweat out of your eyes.  Halo Headbands are sold throughout the US, Canada, Australia, as well as many other countries. We hope you enjoy your Halo as much as we do.

Wear it and see!

Halo I Tie Version

Halo II Pullover

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Halo Headband fit any head size?
     Yes, all Halo products are a one size fits all. The fit needs to be snug enough for the Sweat Block
     to form a seal against your forehead.

Is the headband comfortable?
     The headband is very comfortable and many people tell us they forget they have it on.

How does the Sweat Block work?
     The Sweat Block seal works like a small rain gutter on your forehead.  The strip forms a water-tight
     against your skin which causes the sweat to channel to the sides away from the eyes and face.

How long does it take before the headband becomes saturated?
     Because the advanced properties of the Dryline fabric evaporates moisture so
     quickly, it will vary on the time it takes to become saturated based on the humidity
     level and sweat rate of the individual.

Will the sweat drip into my ears/headphones?

     No, we have many customers who use Halo Headbands to protect their headphones
     from moisture.

Are the Halo Headbands for men and women?
     Yes, men and women equally enjoy the benefits of keeping sunscreen and sweat out
     of their eyes.

Does the yellow Sweat Block strip ever cause a rash?

     We have sold thousands of Halo's and have never had a complaint of any kind of
     irritation or rash.

How do I wash Halo products?
     Machine wash on gentle or hand-wash and hang to dry.
     (Do not place them in the dryer)