Nature Fine Car Plug-in Purifier & Ionizer

Opps!... this might be an unrelated topic but can't resist to share something so wonderful and a tiny bit of internet marketing.
This is the one of my latest enterprise into the unknown realm.
Been working on this project with dad for the past couple of months and so far the response has been great!

This latest invention is the car plug-in ionizer. I'm sure a lot of you has heard of ionizer and mostly they are confined to households and offices. Those types are bulky, not portable and need a plug in socket in order to work. But normally the air pollution index in these places are relatively low if compared to outdoors and confined spaces like our automobiles. This is where the Nature Fine J0-626 car plug-in ionizer fits in.

Just plug into the cigarette lighter socket of you car and it will work. It is maintenance-free and doesn't need any adjustments.

For me, I exercise a lot and also love penang hawker food. Normally after one of my occasional runs, I will change into clean and dry outfits. All the wet and dirty laundry are chuck into my car while I take the 15 minute drive home. While the wet clothes are fine, normally the socks and shoes will give out a stench that is unbearable. And it gets worse, if we leave the air conditioner off or leave it in the car under hot sun. Then on the way home, I would always detour to take-away some food like hokkien mee, chee cheong fun or laksa which has a pungent smell. These smell may stay in your car for some time if not properly ventilated. I am sure many of you face this problem as well. For Durian-enthusiast and smokers, the situation gets even worst as the smell is too over-whelming...if you know what I mean.

So we have tested the Nature Fine ionizer on durians, laksa, smelly & dirty clothes, cigarette smoke and the results are instantaneous. An upgrade from the previous version, it emits 3,000,000 ions/cm3 and could dispel smoke in 15 seconds. There is a video I posted on Youtube which shows exactly this. You won't believe it until you have seen it.

How it works is that the ionizer emits negative ions and it neutralizes all the positive ions normally occuring in smoke and odors. So smells and odors become odorless once the negative ions cancel out the positive ions.

There are many similar products in the market today so beware of imitation. We are very confident in our product that we are offering a full 1-Year Warranty for it. We are also the sole agent in Malaysia with exclusive rights to sell and distribute the product. This product has been patented and is CE and ROHS certified.

For more details, you can visit www.naturefineair.com.my
To purchase, you may visit Lelong.com.my

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