Nokia Sports Tracker Review

Nokia Sports Tracker is a GPS-based activity tracker that runs on compatible Nokia mobile devices. Information such as speed, distance, and time are automatically stored in your training diary. On this site you can store and share your workouts and routes.

What I find interesting about this application is its ability to plot out your tracks including information such as ground elevation, speed, pace, duration and distance. Furthermore it is able to incorporate the satellite information into Google Maps. The data could be assessed in user-friendly graphical plots so you can compare your performances. Best of all, you could upload the application instantly after your workout using WIFI (if your phone is WIFI-enabled) or 3G assess points. After that, you could share your workout with friends and other users across the globe.

The dashboard view allows you to see at a glance a summary of all your latest workouts and its location in Google Maps. The page is embedded with the Google Map application so you can zoom and pan across the map freely.

If you select one of the workout profiles, you could see a graphical plot on the right which displays your speed and elevation vs duration. It could also plot out your heat rate if you have heart-rate monitoring devices. If you mouse-over any of the points in the graph, it could display the exact speed and elevation information at that time. There’s a scroll bar at the bottom of the graph which allows you to drag the time to the limited area, the graph will zoom in accordingly.

One additional cool feature also displays the music played during the workout session.

The Sports Tracker application on the Nokia phone allows you to choose from a list of activities available or you could customize it yourself. The database-ready activities are running, walking, hiking and cycling. You can customize it to show the speed or pace, autopause and speed averaging. The autopause when enabled is a feature which allows the application to stop the timer when you are idle. For example if you are disrupted in the middle of your workout or you would want to have a break but do not want your timing to be affected, the timer will only resume when it detects you moving.

The phone application also allows you access to useful information and graphical plots as below.

I would rate this application highly and do not mind carrying some extra weight in my arm pouch.

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