Negative Feedback from Runners for the Ipoh Internation Run 2009

I have been inundated by many negative feedback from runners of the just completed Ipoh International Run 2009. I did not participate as it clashes with the Penang Hill Climb and I would not be inclined to next year after hearing these.

.. Confusing, no clear direction on different registration centers upon arrival of runners.
.. Ask runners to line up early at starting line for 25 miuntes to suffer the cold and rain, while waiting for the late arrival of VIP.
.. Wrong guidance of motor bike to lead runners into a wrong road.
.. No mention of running time for winners.
.. Poor arrangement for prize collection.

It was pretty amusing how a group of RELA members lined up at the starting line to form a human barricade. What's more amazing is how they run helter-skelter when the runners were flagged off. See the photos of them scattering to avoid being stampede from Haris' blog.

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