Cendana Hikathon 2009

Cendana Hikathon is confirmed on 4-Oct-2009.
Entry form and route map available at MyRunningEscapades

Cendana Hikathon 2009

Date: 4-Oct-2009 (Sunday)
Time: 8.00am
Venue: Penang Youth Park
Organized by: Penang Adventurers' Club with the cooperation of MPPP
Closing date: 13-Sept-2009
Website: http://www.pac.com.my

The Future of Marathon Running: Ethiopia vs Kenya

This is an interesting article I read from The Science of Sport

Ethiopia vs. Kenya: Part I

The 1990s was full of epic duels between Gebreselassie and Tergat as those two chased each other through the ranks, besting each others WRs along the way and producing incredible racing when they met head to head (think back to the 10000 m final in Sydney!). We have written previously about the differences between the two countries systems and how currently Ethopia leads Kenya in head to head competions, and it is timely now that as these two legends begin their swansongs two younger runners are waiting in the wings to keep the rivalry alive. But before we look ahead, let's look back for one second at how Gebreselassie and Tergat stack up:

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Negative Feedback from Runners for the Ipoh Internation Run 2009

I have been inundated by many negative feedback from runners of the just completed Ipoh International Run 2009. I did not participate as it clashes with the Penang Hill Climb and I would not be inclined to next year after hearing these.

.. Confusing, no clear direction on different registration centers upon arrival of runners.
.. Ask runners to line up early at starting line for 25 miuntes to suffer the cold and rain, while waiting for the late arrival of VIP.
.. Wrong guidance of motor bike to lead runners into a wrong road.
.. No mention of running time for winners.
.. Poor arrangement for prize collection.

It was pretty amusing how a group of RELA members lined up at the starting line to form a human barricade. What's more amazing is how they run helter-skelter when the runners were flagged off. See the photos of them scattering to avoid being stampede from Haris' blog.

SCKL Success or Failure? You be the judge

The Standard Chartered KL Marathon attracted some 12,500 running enthusiast from Malaysia and all over the globe. Many participants are willing to make the journey from afar to witness and experience this as being one of the greatest events in the Standard Chartered Marathon series. I for one was making the not so long journey from Penang to KL. It takes a mere hour using Air Asia and another hour to reach KL Sentral from LCCT, Sepang.

The BIB and goodie bag collection went smoothly as I arrived on Saturday. I heard that it was not so fortunate for the 5,000 or so people who turned up a day earlier expecting to beat the crowd. Due to some technical reason as a result of the rain, they end up having to queue for hours in the open air.

Well, as usual there were many comments from runners. There were more negatives than positives. Amongst the complaints which I felt justified were the poor route and mile markers, improper closure of roads jeopardizing safety of runners and the short interval between starting times of 10k and 21k runners. To the organizer's credit, they acknowledge all these feedback and vowed to make improvements for next year's event. After all it took some time for the Singapore marathon organizers to get it right as well. So let's just wait and see.

As a souvenir, the runpix application processes all the runners information and display it in a useful manner. You can view your statistics and ranking in terms of overall, gender and age category based. Furthermore your split times, speed and bird eye's view of you at the finishing line is also nicely displayed. Interestingly, you could also check out your position on the route map when the division, opposite sex and overall winner crosses the line. Position of your family, friend and competitor is also accessible once their name is keyed in. Believe me, these little extras make the participation of such events even more gratifying.

Not forgetting the marathon-photos website where you could catch a glimpse of yourself in action be it still shots or video. Sadly none of my photos were captured by the assigned photographers. Fortunately there was somebody else who managed to snap me in action. Thanks to Winnie Wong. You can view her album of the coverage of the SCKL from the following URL.