Full Malakoff Results are Finally Published

It had taken quite some time. 11 days instead of the 3 days stated in the forms. Not sure what is happening but seems like Pacesetters had got it all wrong for this competition. I guess we would have to wait another 6 months for the certificates to arrive and a new millennium before photos are being published. Not to mention they had actually missed out my name from the Men's Open results list.
No doubt, Pacesetters is still the leading and most notable organizer of running events in Malaysia. However they have let themselves and the running community down time and time again.

Full Malakoff Results

Some interesting stats from the Malakoff events.

1. The number of participants had increased from last year. In the 26km, the number has swelled from 320 people in 2008 to 415 people this year. The Men's Open category remained the most popular category with the highest % increase of participants compared to 2008.

2. The overall finishing times had degraded slightly but the most popular finishing time still remained as the 2.5 - 3 hour category.

I guess it might be good news as more and more people from all levels are willing to participate and take up the challenge.

Relive my Malakoff curse moment.

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Kazuo Lim said...

This year Malakoff 2009 was one of the worse event I had participated, no isotonic or sport drink provided, no readiness of medical assistances & poor traffic management. As usual lousiness are slow result update & slow photo uploading.

Great comparison chart you had here. Thanks for the effort by preparing this and share on your blog. This have clearly shown the degradation of performance for this year Malakoff 26km 2009. I guess mainly due to hazy and humid day.

As remembered clearly last year the same event was held on 10th August 2008 and this year 7th June 2009. This year event was 2 months earlier.

Looking forward for the improvement from Pacesetters Club Malaysia.