22nd Seremban Half Marathon 2009

Date: 12-July-2009
Time: 6.45am
Venue: N.S. Padang Serembam
Distance: 3km, 11km, 21.1km
Closing date: 4-July-2009
Website: http://www.serembanhalfmarathon.com/
Forms available from website

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Julin Julai said...

i really appriciate your blog because i'm based in perak and i can only participate my runs nearby ( due to my little kids). Your site is now my bahan rujukan for nearby runs..hehe..thanks

Shaun Yap said...

Hi Julin,
Thank you for visiting my blog. There are quite a few notable events in Perak such as the Bidor Half Marathon in Apr, Ipoh Marathon in July, KRI 12km (Nov), etc...Maybe you could let me know if there are any local runs so I could update it as well.

For your information, I'm creating another blog just for running to organize things better. I'll announce it soon.

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