Elevation Levels of Major Running Events in Malaysia

Here is a compilation of the elevation levels of major running events in Malaysia.

The charts were sourced from mapmyrun software which automatically plots the elevation once you have completed the route map. The chart shows information on the level of elevation in terms of percentage, a higher percentage would mean a higher elevation and a steeper slope. The chart also shows mileage information and pin-points you at which exact kilometer you would come across these peak or troughs. Now you may know why your times were better in some competitions and worse off in some others. Hills are not easy, require more energy consumption and will definitely slow you down.

I ran the GE 30k for the first-time in January this year and thought that was one of my toughest race to date. Then again I haven't tried the Padang Merbok 15k or KL Malakoff 12k which seems to be even more challenging from the charts. If you analyze closely, the Padang Merbok consist of 3 major hills starting from KM4 till KM14 and the climb lasts around 1~1.5km long at 2~4% elevation. In comparison the GE 30k has many more hill routes but they lasts less than 1km except for the Seri Hartamas area starting from KM10 where there is a slow steep rising from 2-3% elevation for around 6km long.

The KL Malakoff event at TTDI sets the record as the highest and lowest elevation level race from 10% to -19%. Apart from the hill route from KM6 to KM9, the rest of the route seems quite flat and managable. The Standard Chartered KL Marathon, Malakoff Penang and Adidas King of the Road events seems reasonably flat in comparison to the 3 others. I ran in the Malakoff Penang event last year and the only hilly part was the climb up Mt Erskine which is between KM3 and KM6.

So I would rate the races in the following order in terms of their difficulty.

1. New Balance Padang Merbok 15km
2. GE Pacesetters 30km
3. Malakoff KL 12km
4. Adidas King of the Road 21km
5. Malakoff Penang 26km
6. Standard Chartered KL Marathon

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