2009 Running Events

Had been idling again for quite some time. Done some clean up and touch up on the blog. Amazing how fast time flies. This would be my first blog post for 2009, my last being in Dec 2008. Started off with the updated events calendar for running category.

The year started off as usual with the GE Pacesetters 30km event. This is the toughest ever running event I had participated. The route was especially steep for most parts of the race. Fortunately able to finish within the qualifying time albeit having cramps for the last part of the race.

Then there is the KL Towerthon and Wild Wild run in Mar which had just completed. In Apr, I'm looking forward to the first ever running event organized by PAC which is the Penang Earth Day run. Being a PAC member, there was a request to volunteer to help out in the event but I can't resist to participate in it. A week later, I will be off to Bidor for the half marathon. Heard that it is notable event in the running calendar. Not sure though about the Orange Run which is scheduled to kick-off earlier around the The Curve PJ area.

In May, I will be making the trip down for the New Balance Padang Merbok 15k. Organized by Pacesetters, I'm sure this event will be a quality event attracting many serious runners. Come June, there will be the 2nd Penang Malakoff run. Not sure why it was tuned down to 17km from last year's 26km. Guess it might to attract more runners as last year's turnout was not too encouraging. 3 weeks later, will be the inaugural Standard Chartered KL marathon. For the first time, we Malaysians will have the chance to participate in this well-known race series on our home-soil. High standards would be expected as KL need to emulate other cities which had been organizing the events for years. But in terms of prize money, I think no other city could beat that offered by Dubai at a staggering USD$350,000 for the 1st position. I recalled that Singapore's prize money for the same category was only USD$35,000 about 10% the amount. No wonder people like Haile Gebrselassie would always book their calendar for this event every year.

Towards the end of the year, I will participate in my first-ever full marathon event in the Penang Bridge International Marathon. I'm already into my 7th week of training and am logging in averagely 30-40km per week. Will be increasing mileage but at a slow and steady pace. Don't want to get injured in between. Wish me luck!

Will be updating the hiking events calendar next. Stay tuned....

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kazuolim said...

You sure can do it for the full marathon wrt sufficient training.
All the best!

Ja, now looking forward for Penang Earth Day Run around Sunshine Square.