2010 Running Events Updated

I would like to wish all runners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The coming year will see many new running events being organized as more and more people realized the benefits of the sport. So here goes the list for 2010. Have a RUNderful year ahead!

1st: Saucony Pacemakers Network Run W F
5th: Penang International 12hr Walk F1 F2
17th: New Balance Pacesetters 30K W F
23rd: USM 1st Open Relay W F
24th: Pacesetters Breakfast Run W F
31st: Just Run 2010 F1 F2 F3
31st: KL Masters City Day Relay F

6th: Putrajaya Night Marathon W F1 F2 F3
TBD: KL Towerthon

27th: Energizer Night Marathon W

11th: Malakoff Penang 26K W
25th: Bidor Half Marathon
TBD: BHP Orange Run W

16th: New Balance Pacesetters 15K W
29th: Adidas Sundown Marathon W
TBD: Cendana Hikathon
TBD: Komtar Tower Run W

27th: Standard Chartered KL W

TBD: KWYP Penang Hill Climb
TBD: Seremban Half Marathon W

TBD: Adidas King of the Road

TBD: Borneo International Marathon W

21st: Penang Bridge Int Marathon W

5th: Singapore Marathon W
19th: Malakoff KL 12K W

PAC Cendana Hikathon 2009

PAC successfully organize the annual Cendana Hikathon at Youth Park. Familiar faces grace the podium yet again. This year's route was longer than last year as they exited through Moon Gate. Serious knee injury kept me out again. Looking forward to next year's event in May.

PAC Website

Nature Fine Car Plug-in Purifier & Ionizer

Opps!... this might be an unrelated topic but can't resist to share something so wonderful and a tiny bit of internet marketing.
This is the one of my latest enterprise into the unknown realm.
Been working on this project with dad for the past couple of months and so far the response has been great!

This latest invention is the car plug-in ionizer. I'm sure a lot of you has heard of ionizer and mostly they are confined to households and offices. Those types are bulky, not portable and need a plug in socket in order to work. But normally the air pollution index in these places are relatively low if compared to outdoors and confined spaces like our automobiles. This is where the Nature Fine J0-626 car plug-in ionizer fits in.

Just plug into the cigarette lighter socket of you car and it will work. It is maintenance-free and doesn't need any adjustments.

For me, I exercise a lot and also love penang hawker food. Normally after one of my occasional runs, I will change into clean and dry outfits. All the wet and dirty laundry are chuck into my car while I take the 15 minute drive home. While the wet clothes are fine, normally the socks and shoes will give out a stench that is unbearable. And it gets worse, if we leave the air conditioner off or leave it in the car under hot sun. Then on the way home, I would always detour to take-away some food like hokkien mee, chee cheong fun or laksa which has a pungent smell. These smell may stay in your car for some time if not properly ventilated. I am sure many of you face this problem as well. For Durian-enthusiast and smokers, the situation gets even worst as the smell is too over-whelming...if you know what I mean.

So we have tested the Nature Fine ionizer on durians, laksa, smelly & dirty clothes, cigarette smoke and the results are instantaneous. An upgrade from the previous version, it emits 3,000,000 ions/cm3 and could dispel smoke in 15 seconds. There is a video I posted on Youtube which shows exactly this. You won't believe it until you have seen it.

How it works is that the ionizer emits negative ions and it neutralizes all the positive ions normally occuring in smoke and odors. So smells and odors become odorless once the negative ions cancel out the positive ions.

There are many similar products in the market today so beware of imitation. We are very confident in our product that we are offering a full 1-Year Warranty for it. We are also the sole agent in Malaysia with exclusive rights to sell and distribute the product. This product has been patented and is CE and ROHS certified.

For more details, you can visit www.naturefineair.com.my
To purchase, you may visit Lelong.com.my

USM 1st Open Relay 2010

USM's Athletics Club is proud to start its annual Relay Competition on 23rd January 2010, from 7.30am to 9pm at USM Athletics Stadium, Penang. We are pleased to invite all the athletics/runners from your reputable club to participate in the above competition for Children, Junior, Institution of Higher Learning(IPT), Open and Veteran categories.

Entry Forms are available in 2 Languages as below:

USM Open Relay 2010 Entry Form (English)
USM Open Relay 2010 Entry Form (Malay)

For more details visit http://usmopenrelay.blogspot.com/

Nokia Sports Tracker Review

Nokia Sports Tracker is a GPS-based activity tracker that runs on compatible Nokia mobile devices. Information such as speed, distance, and time are automatically stored in your training diary. On this site you can store and share your workouts and routes.

What I find interesting about this application is its ability to plot out your tracks including information such as ground elevation, speed, pace, duration and distance. Furthermore it is able to incorporate the satellite information into Google Maps. The data could be assessed in user-friendly graphical plots so you can compare your performances. Best of all, you could upload the application instantly after your workout using WIFI (if your phone is WIFI-enabled) or 3G assess points. After that, you could share your workout with friends and other users across the globe.

The dashboard view allows you to see at a glance a summary of all your latest workouts and its location in Google Maps. The page is embedded with the Google Map application so you can zoom and pan across the map freely.

If you select one of the workout profiles, you could see a graphical plot on the right which displays your speed and elevation vs duration. It could also plot out your heat rate if you have heart-rate monitoring devices. If you mouse-over any of the points in the graph, it could display the exact speed and elevation information at that time. There’s a scroll bar at the bottom of the graph which allows you to drag the time to the limited area, the graph will zoom in accordingly.

One additional cool feature also displays the music played during the workout session.

The Sports Tracker application on the Nokia phone allows you to choose from a list of activities available or you could customize it yourself. The database-ready activities are running, walking, hiking and cycling. You can customize it to show the speed or pace, autopause and speed averaging. The autopause when enabled is a feature which allows the application to stop the timer when you are idle. For example if you are disrupted in the middle of your workout or you would want to have a break but do not want your timing to be affected, the timer will only resume when it detects you moving.

The phone application also allows you access to useful information and graphical plots as below.

I would rate this application highly and do not mind carrying some extra weight in my arm pouch.

Guang Ming Bukit Jambul Hikathon 2009

Date: 1 Nov 2009
Time: 7:45am
Distance: 6.5km
Start: Entrance to Kawasan Mendaki Bukit Jambul
Fee: RM10
Closing date: 25 Oct 2009

Cendana Hikathon 2009

Cendana Hikathon is confirmed on 4-Oct-2009.
Entry form and route map available at MyRunningEscapades

Cendana Hikathon 2009

Date: 4-Oct-2009 (Sunday)
Time: 8.00am
Venue: Penang Youth Park
Organized by: Penang Adventurers' Club with the cooperation of MPPP
Closing date: 13-Sept-2009
Website: http://www.pac.com.my

The Future of Marathon Running: Ethiopia vs Kenya

This is an interesting article I read from The Science of Sport

Ethiopia vs. Kenya: Part I

The 1990s was full of epic duels between Gebreselassie and Tergat as those two chased each other through the ranks, besting each others WRs along the way and producing incredible racing when they met head to head (think back to the 10000 m final in Sydney!). We have written previously about the differences between the two countries systems and how currently Ethopia leads Kenya in head to head competions, and it is timely now that as these two legends begin their swansongs two younger runners are waiting in the wings to keep the rivalry alive. But before we look ahead, let's look back for one second at how Gebreselassie and Tergat stack up:

Read on....

Negative Feedback from Runners for the Ipoh Internation Run 2009

I have been inundated by many negative feedback from runners of the just completed Ipoh International Run 2009. I did not participate as it clashes with the Penang Hill Climb and I would not be inclined to next year after hearing these.

.. Confusing, no clear direction on different registration centers upon arrival of runners.
.. Ask runners to line up early at starting line for 25 miuntes to suffer the cold and rain, while waiting for the late arrival of VIP.
.. Wrong guidance of motor bike to lead runners into a wrong road.
.. No mention of running time for winners.
.. Poor arrangement for prize collection.

It was pretty amusing how a group of RELA members lined up at the starting line to form a human barricade. What's more amazing is how they run helter-skelter when the runners were flagged off. See the photos of them scattering to avoid being stampede from Haris' blog.

SCKL Success or Failure? You be the judge

The Standard Chartered KL Marathon attracted some 12,500 running enthusiast from Malaysia and all over the globe. Many participants are willing to make the journey from afar to witness and experience this as being one of the greatest events in the Standard Chartered Marathon series. I for one was making the not so long journey from Penang to KL. It takes a mere hour using Air Asia and another hour to reach KL Sentral from LCCT, Sepang.

The BIB and goodie bag collection went smoothly as I arrived on Saturday. I heard that it was not so fortunate for the 5,000 or so people who turned up a day earlier expecting to beat the crowd. Due to some technical reason as a result of the rain, they end up having to queue for hours in the open air.

Well, as usual there were many comments from runners. There were more negatives than positives. Amongst the complaints which I felt justified were the poor route and mile markers, improper closure of roads jeopardizing safety of runners and the short interval between starting times of 10k and 21k runners. To the organizer's credit, they acknowledge all these feedback and vowed to make improvements for next year's event. After all it took some time for the Singapore marathon organizers to get it right as well. So let's just wait and see.

As a souvenir, the runpix application processes all the runners information and display it in a useful manner. You can view your statistics and ranking in terms of overall, gender and age category based. Furthermore your split times, speed and bird eye's view of you at the finishing line is also nicely displayed. Interestingly, you could also check out your position on the route map when the division, opposite sex and overall winner crosses the line. Position of your family, friend and competitor is also accessible once their name is keyed in. Believe me, these little extras make the participation of such events even more gratifying.

Not forgetting the marathon-photos website where you could catch a glimpse of yourself in action be it still shots or video. Sadly none of my photos were captured by the assigned photographers. Fortunately there was somebody else who managed to snap me in action. Thanks to Winnie Wong. You can view her album of the coverage of the SCKL from the following URL.

Pattaya Marathon 2009

Date: 19-July-2009 (Sunday)
Time: 4.20am - 6.00am
Venue: Pattaya Beach
Distance: 5km, 10.55km, 21.1km, 42.195km
Closing date: N/A
Entry form: Available from website

Website: http://www.pattaya-marathon.com/catalog.php

Hat Yai Nature Run 2009

Date: 2-Aug-2009 (Sunday)
Time: 5.50am - 6.10am
Venue: Prince of Songkla University, Songkla, Thailand
Distance: 4km, 10.5km, 21.1km
Closing date: N/A


Men's Health Night Run 2009

Date: 25-July-2009 (Saturday)
Time: 6pm - Midnight
Start/Finish: In front of Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya, Precinct 3
Distance: 5km, 7.7km, 11.5km
Closing: Limited to first 4,000 participants
Forms available to download from the website

Website: http://www.mens-health.com.my/registration_run09.asp

Siemens Run 2009

Date: 19-July-2009 (Sunday)
Time: 7.15am
Start/Finish: Dataran Merdeka, KL
Forms available to download from the website

Website: http://www.siemens.com.my/siemensrun2009/About/index.aspx

Borneo International Marathon 2009

Date: 11-Oct-2009 (Sunday)
Distance: 10km, 21km, 42km
Registration: Online registration and payment available
Closing date: 30-Sept-2009
Website: http://www.borneomarathon.com

Full Malakoff Results are Finally Published

It had taken quite some time. 11 days instead of the 3 days stated in the forms. Not sure what is happening but seems like Pacesetters had got it all wrong for this competition. I guess we would have to wait another 6 months for the certificates to arrive and a new millennium before photos are being published. Not to mention they had actually missed out my name from the Men's Open results list.
No doubt, Pacesetters is still the leading and most notable organizer of running events in Malaysia. However they have let themselves and the running community down time and time again.

Full Malakoff Results

Some interesting stats from the Malakoff events.

1. The number of participants had increased from last year. In the 26km, the number has swelled from 320 people in 2008 to 415 people this year. The Men's Open category remained the most popular category with the highest % increase of participants compared to 2008.

2. The overall finishing times had degraded slightly but the most popular finishing time still remained as the 2.5 - 3 hour category.

I guess it might be good news as more and more people from all levels are willing to participate and take up the challenge.

Relive my Malakoff curse moment.

My Running Escapades, new blog dedicated to running

Finally it's completed. The new blog dedicated to running-related events, news, reviews and updates is up and ready.

Please visit MyRunningEscapades for your running pleasure.

Hello World!

Hi there! This is my first post of this newly created blog dedicated to running. All running-related events, news and updates will be migrated here from the existing MyMountainAdventures blog. MyMountainAdventures blog would still exist and remain as it is with updates on hiking, adventure and mountaineering activities.

Thank you for visiting my blogs and hope you enjoy them.

22nd Seremban Half Marathon 2009

Date: 12-July-2009
Time: 6.45am
Venue: N.S. Padang Serembam
Distance: 3km, 11km, 21.1km
Closing date: 4-July-2009
Website: http://www.serembanhalfmarathon.com/
Forms available from website

PSDC 20th Anniversary Charity Run

Date: 26-July-2009
Time: 7.30am
Venue: PSDC FIZ, Penang
Distance: 6.5km
Entry fee: RM10
Closing date: 28-June-2009
Website: www.psdc.org.my

The Malakoff Curse Strikes Yet Again

I had high hopes that I would better last year's timing of 3:05. But it was shattered as soon as I hit the 18km mark. The Malakoff curse had struck me again.

It all started pretty badly for me. The early signs weren't good.

Firstly I misplaced my gel bottle for my Thunderbolt belt. Can't remember where I'd placed it and finally gave up after searching high and low for it. I was planning to load the powergel into the bottle for the extra boost in times of desperation. 3 packets can be filled into the 4oz bottle and saves me a lot of hassle. But it seems the plan had to be abandoned. Back-up plan then, my arm pouch

Secondly I hardly had any sleep the night before. Twisting and turning around on bed, I simply can't fall into sleep mode. Everytime I tried to close my eyes, the memory of last year's nightmare came flashing across my mind. It was not until 1am in the morning that I manage to dose off, after England had put 4 past Kazakhstan.

My lack of training couldn't be more obvious, made worse by the searingly hot weather and haze. I haven't done any runs more than 2 hours for a few months now. This has taken a heavy toll on me as I experience discomfort just after the 15k drink station. I hung on for another 3k before the cramps finally set it after the clock tower. I was bitterly dissapointed as it was even sooner than last year. I recalled it was somewhere after 20k last year that my legs gave in. Trying to be positive, I pressed on by doing the walk/jog routine. With my Gatorade running out, I wished I had brought along some small change as I noticed some runners deviated into the Shell kiosk to recharge. I was surprised that there were no isotonic drink provided this year. I knew that water couldn't properly replace my depleted electrolytes, in fact it might have even more adverse effects.

As I was nearing the 23k drink station, my legs finally gave up and reduced me to a halt. The cramps were so severe that I can no longer walk. I had to sit on the pavement and relax my legs. I can see the muscle spasm on my calves. It was like worms moving in it. At that moment, I really doubt my ability to finish the race.

I was hoping that there were some medical officers on-site to provide assistance but there were none to be seen. Fortunately after some massaging and stretching, I was able to get on my feet again and pushed on. Now, even walking was a difficult task as I had cramps on both my calves, thighs and even toes. I knew I was too close to give up now, just another 2k to go.

Being reduced to a walking pace, it was a good time to engage in some conversation with fellow runners. This had somewhat helped distract me from the excruciating pain from the cramps. Finally, I was able to cross the finish line at 3:05 which is my same time as last year.

So here is my rating on the race this year.

Improvement Required: Insufficient medical staff at final kms, no isotonic drinks, poor mile markers
Good Job: On-time start, sufficient water at stations

Preparations for 2009 Penang Bridge International Marathon: Hydration

Being my first marathon attempt, I wanted to ensure that I could cross the line safely and in one piece. I had heard of countless accounts of people attempting their first marathon without proper training or preparation and it ended up being their last one. So I wanted to make sure it doesn't happen to me. I had begun researching books and surfing the net for more information on how to complete a full marathon. One of the most important topics I gathered is "Hydration".

I chose the Penang Bridge marathon to be my first because Penang is my hometown and should any untoward incident (touch wood) occurred during the run, at least I'm just a few stones throw away from home. Also the event was scheduled towards the end of the year, which gives me more than enough time to prepare for it.

From the marathoner's feedback last year, the refreshment stations ran dry towards the later part of the race. It's something that needs serious thought when you are attempting this great feat. I was looking for a solution from the net when I stumbled upon the Thunderbolt. I first looked up for the more popular fuelbelt but unfortunately it wasn't available locally. While surfing the Triathlon Malaysia website, I came across an advert from quick-sport which is the local distributor for Ultimate Direction's hydration belts. I selected the 3-bottled Thunderbolt which has three 20oz bottles, a 4oz bottle and a small pocket. Although it is more expensive and bulkier than the 2-bottled Blaze, I knew I could always remove some of the bottles if not in use. It costs RM165 for the Thunderbolt while the Blaze was selling at RM125. For a reasonable shipping cost, I placed the order online and wired the money. To my liking, I got instantaneous response from the seller and had a very good impression of him. Not surprisingly, I got my order within 2 days of making the payment, which was great! The item was carefully packaged and arrived in excellent condition. Thumbs up to the seller for the excellent service and prompt delivery.

Apart from some minor adjustments required to the Velcro waist belt, the product is quite satisfactory overall. I have been using it for a few months now during my weekend long runs and have no major complaints. Of course, it needs a bit getting used to as you suddenly feel extra weight on your hips while running. As long as you snug it tightly to your waist and not leave it hanging, you won't feel much bouncing sensation.

I always hear advise from the elites on not trying anything new during the race event. So it is wise to experiment during trainings or long runs. As this is going to be my first-ever full marathon, I'll be glad to complete it within the 6 hours stipulated time frame. Any sooner will be a bonus to me. Happy running!

One of a Kind Experience

I can still remember what it was like. Back in my teenage years, Komtar was the happening place. The first MCDs outlet was in Komtar and we used to go there to watch movies and simply hangout. Dining at the Komtar Tower restaurant, dubbed the highest restaurant in South East Asia was also an experience still etched in me, more for the spectacular views rather than food. Now after many years of neglect, Komtar is finally having a facelift to revive it to become the happening place again. Most notably the Komtar Walk project, which promises to transform the area into a luxurious and "the place to be" similar to the Bintang Walk.

So there was this Komtar Tower Run which I attended last week. It differs from other runs in that, you have to climb 61 storeys i.e. 1,100 flight of stairs after a 2km run around the surrounding area. Boy, was I surprised to see that many outstation participants, most notably Kenyans. Now I know why the entry fee was so expensive compared to other local events. My RM20 was partly contributed to their prize money which ranges from RM100 to RM1,500 for the top 10th placing. And not surprisingly, the Kenyans took 9 out of the 10 offered prizes. Well, we can say that it is good for competition and blah blah blah whatsoever. But the presence of these Kenyans simply evaporated any hope of local winners. Will we see a local winner amongst these Kenyans? I doubt so. They are so genetically blessed to run fast that no matter how hard local people train, we will never ever outdo them. Is that a fact or fiction?

As for the race, kudos to the organizers that it started right on time without any hussle of waiting for the "never on-time" VIPs. It's also good to note that there were many volunteers and medical personnel stationed along the route and on most storey's of the staircase. With inadequate ventilation, we're expected to have people fainting from overstressing or breathlessness. Hmmm...Got to think twice for next year's event. I'd rather they provide better quality goodies and tops rather than a substantial amount of prize money. Moreover, the prize money will unlikely be ours for the taking.

Article from TheStar

Penang to have 30km Scenic Trail

If all goes to plan, Penangites will soon get to enjoy a 30km scenic trail stretching from Batu Maung all the way to Teluk Bahang. The trail will pass through the sandy beaches of Batu Ferringhi, Tanjung Bunga and to the popular tourist spot of Gurney Drive. Then it will extend to Georgetown pass its colonial and heritage buildings before ending in Batu Maung via the Jelutong coastal highway and Queensbay Mall. The concept is similar to the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles and Pier 39 in San Francisco where there are attractions along the trail and has become a tourist magnet. It will surely benefit the tourism industry and ultimately the residents of Penang. Hopefully it will materialize soon.

Read the full article

Ipoh International Run 2009

Date: 5-July-2009
Time: 6:45am (10km and 21km), 6:55am (5km and 7km)
Start/Finish: Dataran Bandaraya Ipoh
Organized by: Ipoh City Council
Forms available to download from the website

SCI Malaysia Penang Peace Run 2009

Date: 9-August-2009
Time: 7:30am
Start/Finish: Youth Park, Penang
Organized by: SCI Penang & MPPP
Distance: 1.5km (Disabled), 6km (All others)
Closing date: 27-July-2009

Alor Setar's 26th Run

Date: 31-July-2009
Time: 5:30am
Venue: Alor Setar Jogging Club, 1073, Bee Bee Park, 05400 Alor Setar, Kedah
Distance: 5km, 10km, 21km
Closing date: 17-July-2009

Running for Health

Interesting article from TheStar.
Running actually burns more calories per hour than cycling, swimming or tennis.

The effect of happiness that running has on your body comes from endorphins, which are powerful hormone-like substances produced in the brain that function as the body's own natural painkillers. During exercise, there is a release of endorphins in the body that are capable of producing feelings of euphoria and a general state of well-being. The feelings produced can be so powerful that they can actually mask pain.

Proving the point, Newton Yap from Runners Malaysia says: "Running is intoxicating in a good way unlike alcohol or cigarette addiction. When the endorphins course through my veins, I get 'high' but without the hangover. Running calms and cleanses what even the best drug or sedative and soaps cannot get at – the mind, heart and soul. Satisfaction guaranteed almost every time I do it.

Read the full article

Digi-Pacesetters Kuantan TC 10k Run

Date: 19-July-2009
Time: 7:30am
Venue: Teluk Chempedak Beach, Kuantan
Closing date: 12-July-2009
Distance: 10km
Website: www.pacesetters.com.my

Lembah Bujang Ride and Run for Fun 2009

Date: 13-June-2009
Closing date: 1-June-2009
Distance: 10km (Run), 40km (Cycling)
Website: http://lembahbujangjamboree.blogspot.com
Online money transfer available

Shah Alam Run for Harmony Charity Run 2009

Date: 17-May-2009
Time: 6:30am
Venue: Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam
Closing date: 3-May-2009
Distance: 3km (Walk), 8km (Run)

Shah Alam King of the Road 2009

Date: 2-August-2009 (Sun)
Time: 6:30am
Venue: Stadium Shah Alam, Shah Alam
Distance: 6km, 8km, 11km, 22km
Closing date: 3-July-2009
Website: www.mbsa.gov.my

SCI Malaysia Penang Peace Run 2009

Block your calendars!
This year, the run will be held on 9th Aug 2009 at Youth Park from 7:30am.
Stay tuned for more updates and entry forms which should be available by end of the month.

On another note, the Cendana Hikathon which is scheduled on 24th May could be postponed. Awaiting confirmation from PAC.

Bukit Mertajam Cross Country Run 2009

Another running event in conjuction with Labour Day holidays.

Date: 3rd May 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 7:00am
Venue: Padang Pasar Awam Taman Sri Rambai, Bukit Mertajam
Distance: 9km
Closing Date: 27th April 2009
Padang Pasar Awam Taman Sri Rambai - Taman Belimbing - Taman Bayu Mutiara - Jalan Bukit Tengah - Jalan Bukit Minyak - Jalan Kota Permai - Jalan Song Ban Kheng - Jalan Binjai - Padang Pasar Awam Taman Sri Rambai

Penang Earth Day Run 2009

If you're wondering how much distance you'd covered in the run yesterday, wonder no more. Based on the mapping software, the actual length of the route is 9.07km as opposed to 8.23km which was the initial route and 10km as published in the entry form. Adding the blistering heat to the equation, your timing is not too bad after all.

Komtar Tower Run 2009

This should be an interesting one. Having participated in many running and climbing events, this will be my first attempt at running and climbing flights of stairs. From what I heard of past participants, the challenge begins when we enter the flight of stairs. The atmosphere was described as stuffy, humid and hot not to mention the jostling of fellow participants due to the narrow staircase. I guess this would be expected for such events. We'll see come May 31st...

Date: 31-May-2009 (Sun)
Time: 6am
Organized by: PDC Setia Urus Sdn. Bhd.
Closing Date: 17-May-2009
Route: Pos Malaysia - Penang Road - Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong - Lebuh Carnavon - Jalan Magazine - Penang Road - Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong - Start climb from Pacific Supermarket - Komtar Tower (61st floor) - Take elevator back down
Website: http://www.komtartowerrun.com.my/

Route Map

New Malakoff Website Up!

Malakoff running event finally has a website that is up and running. This is amongst one of the most-awaited and well-organized events in the running calendar. I did the Penang leg (Malakoff 2008) last year and the experience was still well-etched on my mind. The route was mostly flat except for the climb at Mt Erskine area, see my elevation chart comparisons.

This year also sees the introduction of the 6km run for those looking for a shorter race.

MALAKOFF, Penang 2009
Date: 7th June 2009
Location: Taman Perbandaran Penang
Distances: 26km & 6km

MALAKOFF, Kuala Lumpur 2009
Date: 20th December 2009
Location: To be confirmed
Distances: 12km & 6km

Register for the Penang Malakoff now!

Penang Hill Climb 2009 is open for registration

Date: 5-July-2009
Start/End: Youth Park / Penang Hill
Organized by: KWYP
Distance: 8.2km
Route: Youth Park - Botanical Gardens - 46 - 84 - Pg Hill summit

Thanks to Kazuo for consistently bugging the organizers!
As you can see from the elevation chart, the level of incline is pretty amazing up to 20% at certain areas.
I can remember the toughest parts were the area en-route to 46, just after 84 and just after a bungalow near the summit.
I had always find it tough doing this as I was out of breath for most parts of the race. But definitely it is a great accomplishment and self-fulfilling experience.

Larian Ria on 1st May 2009

Firstly, thanks to Danny and Haris for notifying me and Kazuo for thorough research and forms.

Date: 1-May-2009
Time: 7:00am
Start/End: Tadika Heng Ee, Lintang Macallum Satu, Penang
Distance: 5.5km
Lintang Macal-lum Satu, Gat Lebuh Cecil, Jelutong Expressway, Jalan Perusahaan Jelutong, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 1, Lebuh Sungai Pinang, Jelutong Expressway, Gat Lebuh Noordin, Jalan C.Y. Choy, Gat Lebuh Macallum and end at Lintang Macallum Satu.
Organized by: Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Negeri Pulau Pinang, Komuniti Bestari Kadun Pengkalan Kota & PAAA

Lucky draw: 32-inch LCD colour television, handphone and tour packages for those who complete their run within an hour
Closing date: 22-Apr-09 or first 1,000 applicants

Article on TheStar


Route map

Elevation Levels of Major Running Events in Malaysia

Here is a compilation of the elevation levels of major running events in Malaysia.

The charts were sourced from mapmyrun software which automatically plots the elevation once you have completed the route map. The chart shows information on the level of elevation in terms of percentage, a higher percentage would mean a higher elevation and a steeper slope. The chart also shows mileage information and pin-points you at which exact kilometer you would come across these peak or troughs. Now you may know why your times were better in some competitions and worse off in some others. Hills are not easy, require more energy consumption and will definitely slow you down.

I ran the GE 30k for the first-time in January this year and thought that was one of my toughest race to date. Then again I haven't tried the Padang Merbok 15k or KL Malakoff 12k which seems to be even more challenging from the charts. If you analyze closely, the Padang Merbok consist of 3 major hills starting from KM4 till KM14 and the climb lasts around 1~1.5km long at 2~4% elevation. In comparison the GE 30k has many more hill routes but they lasts less than 1km except for the Seri Hartamas area starting from KM10 where there is a slow steep rising from 2-3% elevation for around 6km long.

The KL Malakoff event at TTDI sets the record as the highest and lowest elevation level race from 10% to -19%. Apart from the hill route from KM6 to KM9, the rest of the route seems quite flat and managable. The Standard Chartered KL Marathon, Malakoff Penang and Adidas King of the Road events seems reasonably flat in comparison to the 3 others. I ran in the Malakoff Penang event last year and the only hilly part was the climb up Mt Erskine which is between KM3 and KM6.

So I would rate the races in the following order in terms of their difficulty.

1. New Balance Padang Merbok 15km
2. GE Pacesetters 30km
3. Malakoff KL 12km
4. Adidas King of the Road 21km
5. Malakoff Penang 26km
6. Standard Chartered KL Marathon

Standard Chartered KL Marathon Early Bird Registration is Still Open!

Date: 28-Jun-09
Venue: Dataran Merdeka, KL
Org: Standard Chartered
Distance: Kids Dash, 5km Fun run, 10km, 21.097km, 42.195km
Registration Period: Early Bird (Mar 13 ~ Apr 18), Normal period (Apr 19 ~ June 1), Late period (June 2 ~ June 15)
Official Website

  • Standard Chartered KL Marathon will be officially staged on June 28,2009 in its inaugural year.
  • Standard Chartered Bank has a rich history in marathon sponsorships
  • Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 will be the 9th edition in the Standard Chartered Marathon series globally
  • The Race, for first time in Malaysia, will feature combined prize money worth MYR 350,000
  • A new route has been introduced for runners to achieve better timing
  • Top elite runners from across the world will be invited for the Marathon
  • The Run For A Cause and Corporate Challenge programs have been introduced to raise money for charity
  • The Race will be run on a sustainability platform and all possible efforts are being undertaken to make the race environment friendly
  • The first-ever Marathon Expo and Carnival will be staged at Dataran Merdeka
Register now!

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For more details visit the Standard Chartered website or download the application form.

Yes, Standard Chartered Credit Cardholders (Malaysian issue only) enjoy a 10% discount when registering online. Please contact Standard Chartered for more exciting promotions.

Kelantan Culture Eco Race

Date: 9 & 10-May-09
Entrance Fee: RM800 per team
Closing date: 22-Apr-09
Organized by: Kelantan Tourism Association
Contact: +6012-3839667 or +6019-2502123

Event outline:
A team of four member men or women, racing non-stop for 2 days 1 night about 150km course. Challenges in this race relate to nature, culture and adventure. It is "the Amazing Race" concept with a few discipline - extreme adventures, traditional games, culture activity and special tasks along the route. The participants are required to form their own team consisting of 4 team members. The challenge is open to all individuals of 18 years old and above. The selected route is a few beaches and water fall in Kelantan.

Click to download:
Registration form
Rules & Regulations

Penang Hiking & Running Enthusiast Club (PHREC)

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With over 100 members, we would like to share our enthusiasm for the sports of hiking and running.
Be updated on all upcoming activities around the region.

Penang Earth Day Run 2009

Penang Earth Day Run
Date: 19-Apr-09
Venue: Sunshine Sq, Bayan Baru
Time: 7.30am
Distance: 10km
Fees: RM10 (Lucky draw)
Qualifying time: 2hours
Closing Date: 8-Apr-09 5pm
A1 (M13-18); A2 (M19-32), A3 (M>32)
B1 (M13-18); B2 (M19-32), B3 (M>32)