Kebun Bunga Charity Run 2008 (Post Race)

Enjoyed the run last Sunday. Didn’t push myself to the limit but just completed it at a relaxing pace. Had my mind on the Singapore’s run and don’t want to run any risk of injury. Was surprised at the large turnout, the total participants was recorded as 1,100 which was huge by Penang’s standard. I guess the grand prize of a motorcycle was the crowd-puller.

Just as the lucky draw event ended, I witnessed a mad dash for the remaining food and drinks on the refreshment counter. The frustration of missing out on the lucky draw must have been too obvious for one guy as he emerged with a whole carton of mineral water.

I would like to congratulate Rob Nollan for finishing 4th and thanks for the encouragement as we descended the slope to the finishing line. Also thanks to Danny Tan for taking our group photo.

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kazuolim said...

Yupp... I totally agree it was another great run for all of us. :-)

Yalah, that guy who took the whole carton really too much.