Peace Run 2008 (Post Race Report)

There was a good turnout for this year's event with over 2,000 participants. I managed to complete the 6.6km race in slightly over 33mins which was one of my personal best. I started off too quickly at the beginning clocking just 13mins at the 3km checkpoint and that was to be my downfall. After that, I was struggling to keep my pace and finish the race. I guess I need more training on my pacing and distancing. Anyway I was happy to have taken part and is looking forward to the next tougher race which is the Malakoff.

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kazuolim said...

Almost every weekend we have running competition. I'm glad to say that we made it for all the runs.

Yes. Tomorrow will be a tough Malakoff run with 26km start and end at Youth Park. Must rest early tonight.

kazuolim said...

Well done! Love the way you arrange your blog. Very neat and surfing-friendly.