Malakoff 2008 (Results)

Finally the results are out! After more than 72hours...

A big thank you to Kazuo's persistence in hassling the Pacesetters staff to publish the results.
I guess there must be some problems with the timing chip as it is the first time they implement this.

My time of 3:05:38 earned me a ranking of 93rd in the Men's Open category, 198th in the overall men and 223rd in the overall standing. Congratulations to Kazuo and Andrew for their 39th and 40th placing in the Men's Open category. That is what I call a neck to neck finish!

Download the full results here (should be available in the Pacesetters website soon):

Penang Malakoff 2008 Results

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kazuolim said...

Hi, Shaun. Thanks for the compliment. Appreciate.

You did it great too, importantly the spirit of sport that you have and you did it from start till the finish line and never give up. Moreover, it's your 1st 26km Run. In fact, standard Half Marathon is only 21km.

Well done to all of us! Looking forward for more hiking & running events to come.