Malakoff 2008 (Post Race Report)

Kazuo, Alvin and me with the striking red Avago t-shirt on.

Me, Alvin and Kazuo with the Malakoff vest that we raced with.

The final participant of the day arriving after 4 hours. Really admire the courage of this lady as she was battling with cramps and manage to finish. Good spirit!

It was my first ever half-marathon and boy was it tough! I finished the first 10km at 1hr 02mins which was at my expected pace. Then after, the next 5km was untested teritorry and it really showed as I experienced side stitch which is when my stomach muscles start cramping. Worse was to come at ~22km when my calf started cramping and I was reduced to walking. The final 5km was really exhausting and I had to alternate between quick walk and slow jog. Fortunately I manage to finish the race at 3hrs and 05mins, just 5mins short of my target. It was really a good experience for me as I now know that I manage to finish a half marathon!

* Was surprised that one of my blog readers gave me a Hi! Are you Shaun? at KM15. I think his name was Danny. We had a quick chat but were on our way later. If you are reading this, pls send me your email so I could say Hi! back.

To me, the event was a success and well done to Pacesetters for organizing it in such a professional way. Though the turnout was not spectacular as only 500+ participants registered, everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Maybe it was the distance that scared people off or was it because there was no lucky draw event?

Looking forward to the next Malakoff. Thumbs up!

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kazuolim said...

Kudos to Avagotech long distance runners!

I'm happy with my own achievement and it's really a great run. In fact, still feel doubt that should we consider it as Half Marathon as official Half Marathon only 21km? I think it may be regconized as Extra-Boost Half Marathon. Kekeke.

The running route was very challenging as consists of up and down hill run for the first 10km.

Especially, beginning at Mount Erskine. Up.. up.. up.. then down and up. up... up. again. Enjoy the moment while running down hill and managed to speed up with this opportunity.

I think if we managed to sustain our leg muscles performance. I'm sure we can do it even better.

Shaun Yap said...

I think u did very well finishing at 2hrs 27mins. I should take you as my benchmark. As I've said, give me another 3 years to train and maybe, just maybe I could reach your level.

Plazzy said...

Great great page Shaun, very informative and fun to read. never knew you guys love hiking/jogging so much. Maybe join you guys on your next outting/excursion.

kazuolim said...

Thanks for the compliment. Appreciate. You did it great too. You are fast learner. With a short period of training time, you manage to cop for this tough 26km run. You really have a strong "Semangat". Keep it up!

We must train hard for this upcoming Penang Bridge International Run. As it will be another tough 25km run for us. Approximately 3 months from now.

Shaun Yap said...

Thanks Kz. Hopefully I can recover from the niggling injury in time for the Ipoh hike.

Shaun Yap said...

Hi Boey, thanks for the compliments. Glad to know that you're into these activities as well. We don't mind to have additional hiking & running kaki and you're most welcome to join us. Stay tuned for the upcoming events on my blog.

kazuolim said...

Hi, Shaun. No worry, is an after tough run effect and should be away in few days. I have some knee ache too from time to time coz by old days accident injury.

Wishing you speedy recovery and never trust any chiropractors nowadays.

kazuolim said...

As understand from Pacesetters, they will publish all Malakoff runners result within 3 days. I surf their website again today and still no result being uploaded. What a disappointed! I thought they were using the hi-tech chip to detect our completion time then it should be very user-friendly.

Moreover as of today 13th August 2008, they don't even update their website and their site still saying that Malakoff will be held on 10 Aug. Come on lah, the event is over they should remove this.

Shaun Yap said...

What a dissapointment! I believe this is the first time they are using the high-tech chip embedded on our shoe laces. Maybe they are having technical problems resolving the timings. But anyhow they shouldn't overcommitted that they would publish the results within 72hours. Let's give them a few more days.

danny said...

The preliminary result can be viewed from this link http://www.quickrelease.com.my/26km_RUNform.htm or just click the icon of Malakoff run..

Shaun Yap said...

Hi Danny, thanks for the tip. Finally it is updated in the website. U comin for Merdeka run? See u there.