22nd Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon 23-24 Aug 2008

Deemed as “the World’s Toughest Mountain Race”, the Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon is the ultimate challenge to take for those game enough to test their endurance by running up and down Mount Kinabalu for a total distance of 21 kilometers.

The first climbathon was inaugurated in 1987 when Sabah Parks decided to scout for people to be in the rapid rescue squad, who are a team of rangers who are able to bring down injured climbers in minimal time—especially during times of bad weather or when helicopters are not available. The participation for the climbathon was restricted to Malaysians only, until a year later when it was then opened for international participation. Starting 1995, the Sabah Tourism Board took over to organize this annual event. The Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon is now very popular among the European mountain runners.
Amazingly, the past year winner from Spain only took slightly over 1.5hours to summit and another hour to descend. All in all, 2 hours and 39 minutes and that is an incredible feat. If you had ever attempted Mt Kinabalu, then it would really amaze you how these guys could manage such records.

Penang Hill Climb 2008

This yearly event organized by KWYP is being held on the 20th of July. Based on previous years, the competition normally kicks-off from Youth Park's main entrance. From there, there will be a 2km round to the foot of Penang Hill, next to Botanical Garden's entrance. Then it's all the way up via Jeep Road. There will be two checkpoints, 46 & 84 along the way.

I've already signed up and is training myself for this. Get your entry forms at KWYP's website.